Walk Break: The Dela Rosa Murals

Going to work especially during rush hours can be quite stressful.  Fortunately for those who work within Ayala Center, walking to work is a bit more convenient because of the elevated walkway running mostly along Dela Rosa Street.  The Dela Rosa segment alone is around 700 meters long and portions of which are home to some interesting murals aptly called the Dela Rosa Murals.

#delarosamurals 😀

The Dela Rosa Murals is a collection of murals painted on the ceiling and on some walls along the walkway.  It can be a bit difficult to appreciate during rush hours due to the number of people passing but if you have some time to pause, just look up:

A mural on the ceiling…
And another one…
Not always people you know…

Tip: Using your cellphone’s front-facing camera may be more convenient to capture these murals on the ceiling.

Even the drainage pipes got included with the theme of the mural
Yes! (What was the question? :D)

As I mentioned earlier, some are on the walls:

I don’t think my camera captured the colors accurately but this is one of my favorites
“Never late is better” and “Hustlin’ nine to five”

Some are highly creative:

Nice eyes B-)

Some are humorous:

“Kape pa” (More coffee)
“Suweldo naah” (It’s payday!)

And some are motivational:

Stay Posi(tive)!
“Everyday (sic) is a second chance”
“Work hard play hard”
“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life”

Kudos to all the artists that made the walkway more interesting! 😀


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  1. Patty says:

    Thanks for posting the photos of the wonderful murals! I saw them on the way to the parking lot a few days ago and the “Everyday (sic) is a second chance” actually made me smile. Working in the corporate world can be rough on certain days, so the murals there somehow helped me decide to continue on. Thanks again!


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome Patti! I totally agree with what you said. Makes the walk a wee bit more interesting. 😀


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