Bicol Express Chronicles: Cagsawa Ruins

A trip to Bicol would not be complete without a visit to one of its popular icons, the ruins of Cagsawa.  And so before we head off on a long drive back to Manila, we had this as our last itinerary.

The iconic ruins of the Church of Cagsaua with the ever so shy Mayon Volcano in the background

The Church of Cagsawa (also Kagsawa or Cagsaua) was built in 1724 but was buried by rocks and lava during the eruption of Mayon Volcano in 1814.  Only the bell tower survives to this day but the façade was still intact until the 1960s.

The bell tower from behind

It was only around 10AM when we arrived in Cagsawa but the sun was already high in the sky so everything was just so bright for taking pictures.  Nonetheless, it did not prevent us from taking pictures, albeit it became overexposed.

Part of the ruin complex
A walk inside these walls reveal something of a hidden garden
My failed attempt in taking a selfie 😆

There weren’t much to see around the bell tower aside of course from the stunning view of Mayon Volcano, but it’s a good stop for those looking for souvenirs or pasalubong.  Being a former church, it’s also a good place to pray for a safe journey.

After one last picture, we started our long drive back to Manila.

Test shot for our group picture

The ruins of Cagsawa is located in Barangay Busay, Daraga, Albay.

* * *

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