Bicol Express Chronicles: CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC)

Our second day in Bicol brought us back to the mainland, in the town of Pili, still in the province of Camarines Sur (CamSur).  It’s not my first time to be in CWC or this part of CamSur (my first time being the 2010 CamSur Marathon) but it would be my first time to do wakeboarding!

The pool near the wakeboarding area

We arrived in CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) pretty late as we drove all the way from Caramoan and had lunch in Naga.  But despite the limited time, we were not fazed although deep inside I’m a bit anxious.  I’m not really that comfortable with watersports and my sense of balance is a bit off so I really didn’t know what to expect or if I’d even enjoy it.  But nonetheless I just went with the flow.

CWC’s main wakeboarding area

It’s such a relief that the beginners’ area is different from that of experienced wakeboarders.  The latter was just absolutely intimidating with all those obstacles en route.  The former on the other hand was just a straight out and back route on a much smaller and shallower pool.  But for a beginner like me, it still is intimidating.

The beginners’ wakeboarding area

Wakeboarding Rates

Duration Rate*
Hourly ₱165
Half Day ₱460
Whole Day ₱750
Night (5PM-9PM) ₱590

* Inclusive of vest and helmet rental; additional ₱500 deposit, refundable upon return of gear

It was a weekend so the waiting time was quite long.  But eventually my turn came and I could not determine what I was feeling.  The guide on our side was quite helpful and pretty entertaining and he gave some really good tips, but applying it was a totally different case.  But you don’t really have that much time to think.  Suddenly your handle is being pulled; all you can do is keep your balance while you’re being dragged.  Before you know it you’re moving in the water and a few seconds later I’m back in the water.  Everything happened so quickly!  Try again! 🙂

Eventually, I grew comfortable with the water and was actually having fun!  I can’t say that I really succeeded with wakeboarding, but I really did have fun!  Even if my swim to the shore was much longer than my entire ride. 🙂

Travel Tip: Unless there’s no queue and you’re in absolute rush, do not opt for the hourly rental!  Chances are you’d be spending more of your time waiting in line than actually doing wakeboarding.

Just before my next attemp 😀

I felt like that the three hours we spent was so short when our time was up.  I still haven’t crossed the length of the beginners’ pool so that’s a bummer, but nonetheless it was so fun for me.  I didn’t expect that I’d even get comfortable with it and at the end of the day I can’t wait to have more!  Hopefully the next time I attempt wakeboarding, I’d be much better! 🙂

Here’s another way to launch: in the water!

* * *

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