Hotel Review: Red Planet Makati

Red Planet Hotels is a value hotel chain located throughout Asia with 10 hotels (and counting) in the Philippines.  I checked in into their Makati hotel recently and here are my thoughts.

This pretty much summarizes what you may expect from their room

I was in need of a decent but affordable place to spend the night in Makati when I thought of trying Red Planet in Makati, located in the city’s tourist belt area.  All I needed really was a good bed, air conditioning, and showers of course.  And so when I went to their website to book and saw their rate is reasonable, I booked a room.

Travel Tip: Sign up for their Remembered program and you get a 10% discount on their rate when you book through their website or mobile app.

Location: Red Planet Makati is located at E. Mercado corner F. Calderon St. along Kalayaan Avenue.  While it is very close to Century City Mall, it isn’t really that easy to locate especially if you don’t read maps well.  It’s good for those who have business around Kalayaan Avenue, Makati Avenue, or Buendia but if you need to be in the Central Business District, you may need to walk a bit to access public transport.  The area is pretty quiet though and there’s a nearby 24-hour convenience store.

Room: I could say that Red Planet Makati’s room is one of the smallest hotel rooms I’ve ever been to; just big enough to have a decently-sized bed and a toilet with shower.  There are two side tables beside the bed and a bigger table you can fold down in case you want to eat inside the room.  The toilet has a decently-sized sink with soap provided.  There’s also a bidet for washing yourself and there’s hot water in the shower.  There’s also a shower gel dispenser in case you forget your soap and shampoo.  There’s also a TV in the room but it doesn’t have cable when I checked in so it was getting only a few channel that are barely watchable over the air.  There’s also a big ceiling fan in the room to aid the air conditioning in distributing the cold air.

The toilet

Other Amenities: There’s a decent Wi-Fi connection in the room but it can get slow (less than 1mbps) during peak hours.  They don’t have a telephone in the room so they advise that you install their app where you can contact their front desk 24/7.  Two towels are also provided as well as a handful of hangers and a hair dryer.


  • Reasonable rate (Remembered rate of ₱1,400/night as of June, 2016)
  • Bed wide enough for two
  • Strong water flow in the shower
  • Soaps in the sink and shower
  • Hot water in the shower and faucet
  • Towels
  • Free Wi-Fi


  • Check-in speed could improve
  • Air conditioning takes a long time to cool the room even with the ceiling fan in full speed
  • Room is not that spacious for those with a lot of luggage
  • Location is not that easy to find
  • No landline in the room
The ceiling fan in action

Overall, I think that you get what you paid for with Red Planet Makati.  It’s possibly not the cheapest hotel in the area but it’s hard to complain when they pretty much covered all the basics.  Their location could work for you, or not, depending on where your activities are in the city.  If you’re not looking for anything fancy and don’t want to spend too much for a room then Red Planet Makati may be for you.

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