Boracay Chronicles 2016: Around the Island

The runner in me kicked in on our third and final full day in Boracay.  And this is also the day we got to see the entire island, and more!

My day started with this view from our room 🙂

The runner in me could not pass the chance run the lengths of Boracay white beach once again after a very long time!  Of course I’ll be running barefoot to enjoy the fine sands beneath my feet and I started in front of our hotel at Station 3.  From here, I started running northwards toward Station 1.

The morning of our last full day in Boracay
The Grotto on Willy’s Rock
One of the resorts along the beach
The northern tip of white beach

I was a bit dismayed with what I saw when I reached the northern end of white beach.  It was submerged and not really safe for running because of all the green algae that blanket the beach.  Nonetheless, I went as far as I can safely get, took some pictures, and after some rest started running back to the other end.

Looking back to where I came from and will be going back to
Normally, these paraws use blue sails but some companies utilize them for some “smart” marketing
I just had to take a closer look at the very, very fine powdery sands of white beach
And of course, I should not forget to take a selfie! 😀
A shipwreck?
Approaching the southern end of white beach…
My run ended here where there really was no way to go further

About four kilometers from the northern tip of white beach, I reached the other end.  I really like this end because there’s always hardly any people in this area, the beaches are wide, flat, and clean, and there are some interesting rocks for taking pictures. 😀

Look at how clear the waters are!
And as I mentioned, rocks… pictures… 🙂
It actually hurts to step on this rock…

And so after a quick dip and a few selfies, I was on my way back to our hotel to get my breakfast!  Nothing inspires you better to quickly finish your run than food! 😀

See how nice and wide the beach is around here?
Don’t touch my…

It was early in the afternoon when we went out of our hotel to do our next activity, island hopping.  It was such a hot day then that you wouldn’t think that we’re towards the end of June!

Thank you for the shelter!
And we’re off!
Blue skies and blue seas…
Boracay Island can be rough on some “edges”
The mainland with the new wind farm
This is an island with the hole in the middle
For thrill-seekers, there’s a new spot for diving
Crystal Cove
We had a brief stay near the vicinity of Crystal Cove for some snorkeling
Continuing our tour around the island
Last stop on our tour: Puka beach
A closer look at the “sands” of Puka beach
Some of the souvenirs on sale here
One of the luxury hotels of Boracay

We were tired and hungry after our tour around the island so we went back to our hotel after some not so light snacks.  We spent the rest of the afternoon near our hotel where we caught sight of this beauty:

Another spectacular Boracay sunset

Let’s just say that we ended our last full day in Boracay in an “epic” way. 😀

Boracay Chronicles 2016

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