Boracay Chronicles 2016: Flying on the Other Side!

Our second day was off to a good start with a nice breakfast buffet from our hotel.  Little did I know that it’s going to be a great day as I do another thing I’ve never done before.

Lucky shot before other hotel guests came in for the breakfast buffet

As I seldom encounter a lap pool in Metro Manila, I opted to utilize the beautiful lap pool of the hotel.  I badly needed to practice my strokes so our hotel’s pool is just perfect.  I could have actually done an open water swim but as I had no one to watch over me in case I went too far, I opted for the safety of the pool.  At least I can accurately measure my swimming distance!

Our hotel lap pool
It is supposed to be a lap pool but I was the only one doing laps and it was full of children despite the hotel having a dedicated kiddie pool

By lunchtime we found ourselves exploring D’ Mall for some food.  We really didn’t have anything in mind so we just went wind the first one that caught our attention: Hobbit Tavern.  They had this meal named after Cavs and Golden State so we went in to try.

This meal is named after the Cavs and is supposed to be for three, but I beg to differ.  As much as I love their service here, I can’t say the same for this meal.  Everything fried in this plate just tastes weird, and not in any way good weird, unfortunately.

Later that afternoon, we were off to the other side of Boracay.  Although I’ve seen the entire island from the sea in the past, I’ve never really set foot on Bulabog beach.  And we didn’t go here just to look around—we’re here to fly!

Spending the early afternoon at the beach doing nothing at all… 😀
Meet the other side of Boracay: Bulabog beach
It is also very shallow but instead of corals you see a lot of sea grass

We came to Bulabog beach to go parasailing.  We actually just walked from white beach to get here as the island isn’t really that wide.  And when we got to the place where we’re supposed to transfer to the boat where we’d actually do the parasailing, we were in for a surprise…

This floating platform that is more like a floating building is where we got transferred to the boat where we would actually do the parasailing.  They have a restroom here as well in case you have that last-minute jitters. 😀

I definitely had a much different idea when we set off to go parasailing.  I did not expect so many people are doing it!  But despite that, it’s not actually a queue but more like a waiting area so it wasn’t that long before the boat that’s going to take us parasailing came along.

Preparing the parachute, or sail, or whatever this is called…
I’m flying!

I admit I was a bit uneasy when it was my turn but my confidence grew exponentially when I was off the boat and felt all the harnesses were secure.  This is probably the closest thing I could experience closest to flying!

I’ll close this post with this spectacular sunset on our first full day in Boracay

Boracay Chronicles 2016

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