runningpinoy Goes Mobile-First

This blog has been around for more than a decade and has seen a lot of things come and go, including the rise of social media and the apparent obsolescence of personal blog sites.  Nonetheless, it still survives and has now entered its next phase!

After years of stubbornly sticking to the old site template, runningpinoy has now switched to a much more mobile-friendly layout.  The old layout was kept for several years and as it wasn’t exactly broken.  It actually was pretty straightforward and renders well even on old desktops—but it was designed before mobile phones were online 24/7!  It’s default mobile look was functional but uninspired.

And as Google pointed out to myself, most of the site visitors are now using mobile devices.  Gone are the days when desktops were the most reliable way of reading blog sites.  Gone are the days when people have time to read past the headlines!

As social media rose, the days of having your own blog site is becoming passé.  With so many addicting content, they made blog sites seem like a static book or a newspaper—that no one bothers to read.  Nonetheless, for people such as myself that had become a habit to save a bit of their lives on blogs for posterity, we continue even if it’s just us consuming our content.

It’s absurdly difficult for myself to pick a new theme as I kept finding things missing.  But change is inevitable, and I was lucky to find the current theme you’re looking at.  Sure, I’ll miss the simplicity of the former, but I really love how it makes my blog seem brand new and modern, especially on mobile!

To all my visitors, welcome and thank you for visiting my humble blog!  I hope you find your visit worthwhile!  Stay safe.

* * *

In memoriam.

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