Back to Normal?

With Metro Manila easing restrictions on movement and some businesses being allowed to operate, many people seem to be out on the streets like everything is already back to normal.  Are we forgetting why we were on a community quarantine in the first place?

We all wish we can go back to the time when we can eat shoulder to shoulder with strangers. (Baguio night market, April 2017)

While I understand that everyone is excited to get out, COVID-19 is still out there, probably even much more widespread now than when we started staying in our homes.  There are much more cases now, and I don’t think we can safely say that all carriers have been identified and isolated.

As for myself, I still have not found the confidence to go out since the easement of the community quarantine.  The photos of crowded malls make me feel like it would take me longer to buy the things I need now.  And that’s the same with outdoor exercises—I missed running for so long but I’m currently not in a location that I think I can do that safely.  For now, I’ll still only go out when necessary.  But for those that are in a better predicament than myself, please still be mindful of physical distancing, hand washing, face masks, personal hygiene, etc.  Until we have a definite cure or vaccine against COVID-19, our lives can never go back to what it was.  Let us still avoid getting out when not needed so that those that are anxious to go out (like myself) can expect reasonable queues to enter establishments and do our errands quicker.

* * *

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