Apple Chronicles: More of NYC

New York City is one of the most influential, popular, and richest cities in the world.  Even if I had more than a week to spend, there’s only so much I could cover, especially that I’m just using the public transport and my two feet to explore.  Among those that I’d like to highlight are:

One of the nicest-looking neighborhood in Manhattan, SoHo.

This is part of a series

Times Square

Perhaps the most ubiquitous tourist spot in all of New York City is Times Square.  Its ball-drop event every New Year is broadcasted around the world which makes it a familiar site to many.  Some even call it the capital of capitalism, and it’s easy to see why.  Billboards vying for tourists’ attention surround the square, bathing it in light that makes it almost as bright as daytime all the time!  And you’re guaranteed that most of the people there are tourists—locals tend to avoid the area as it is one of the most crowded in the city.  Interestingly, Times Square is not square-shaped.

Times Square is probably NYC’s tourist spot #1.
At the other end of the square.  If you’ve seen the series, Glee, this should look familiar.

World Trade Center

Another popular location in NYC is the World Trade Center (WTC).  It is perhaps most remembered because of the attacks of September 11, 2001 that caused thousands of casualties.  At present, the site is a memorial and the buildings around it have been rebuilt.  The tallest building in the western hemisphere is also found in the complex, the One World Trade Center.

One World Trade Center.
9/11 Memorial & Museum.
The Oculus.
9/11 Memorial North Pool.

WTC in 360° (via Google Maps).

Wall Street

And while we’re in the realm of trade, Wall Street is a notable spot as New York Stock Exchange is located here.  There are various points of interest in the area as well to make the visit worthwhile.

New York Stock Exchange.
The Charging Bull.
Remnant of the actual wall that used to stand along the present-day Wall Street.

Wall Street in 360° (via Google Maps).


I reached DUMBO out of my desire to cross the Brooklyn Bridge.  Until I wrote this post, I didn’t realize that it’s actually an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

View of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn Bridge.

Manhattan Bridge as seen from DUMBO.
Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of Manhattan as seen from Main Street Park.
What it looks like from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge.  I felt like an ant looking at this enormous structure.
Manhattan Bridge, the next one I crossed to return back to Manhattan.

Main Street Park in 360° (via Google Maps).

The Subway

My tour all around NYC was made possible by the subway.  NYC is the only place in the USA that I was able to go freely without having a car or taking a taxi saving me a lot on fares.  I had a 7-Day Unlimited Ride ($32 then) which also included city buses operated by the MTA.  Taking a subway is not only cost-effective (compared to taxi or renting a car), it is also fast as I’m able to avoid traffic.  Many lines also operate 24-hours a day so it’s quite convenient.  It is quite different from those in Asia in the sense that fares are collected only upon entry ($3 single ride, regardless of destination and transfers) and eating is allowed, among other things.  It does get quite crowded in some lines at peak times, but overall it’s manageable.

Entrance to a subway station can be as small a few square meters, just enough to fit stairs.
Platforms of some subway stations can be curved, sometimes even on an incline.
And in places, the “subway” is actually above ground!
Some stations link to other lines which could be above, below, or even parallel to it.
Station layout varies a lot.
Inside an empty subway coach.

Here are more photos from all over NYC:

A tree-lined street with the Chrysler Building in the background.
Some streets are pedestrians only.
Columbus Circle.
Barclays Center.
One of the most interesting buildings I’ve ever seen, The Landmark at 57 West.
Sunset at Long Island City, overlooking Manhattan across the East River.

Panoramic view of Manhattan from Long Island City.

* * *

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