Tourist Mode – Panagbenga 2023 Chronicles (Part 2)

Finding something better that can top watching the Grand Float Parade was quite a feat, but not impossible as Baguio City has a lot in store for everyone.  Here’s the rest of this trip.

We woke up early the day after the Grand Float Parade to catch the sunrise at Mirador Heritage and Eco Park.

Afterwards, we walked around the city and enjoy the cool weather.  As we did, we stumbled upon some of the floats and had some selfies with them.  Some though weren’t in their best when we caught them.

Too bad we didn’t see it in it’s pristine state.
SM was better at keeping their float safe for us to see up close.

Later that night, we decided to try something fancy and went to 113 Wagner Café.  I got a reservation a few days prior as I was looking for new dining experiences in the city.  It was my first time to try a set dinner, and I wasn’t disappointed.  And I really loved their landscaping.

Our main course. Something a bit more special for a change.

Capping our night was a quick visit to the night market.  It’s as lively as I remembered it with all sorts of items for sale.  There were also a lot of street food in the park near the overpass to satisfy our late night cravings.

Glad to see them business as usual.

On our last day in the city, we had to drop by The Mansion and Mines View Park.  There was an ongoing construction in Wright Park (across The Mansion) when we visited so we didn’t stay long.

The Mansion.

Over at Good Shepherd near Mines View Park, they ran out of anything that has strawberries in it (maybe due to the recent influx of tourists because of the Panagbenga Festival) so we only took home photos, videos, and memories from the area.  I guess it’s a sign that we should return soon!

This is what people go to see at Mines View Park.

Panagbenga 2023 Chronicles
Mirador Heritage and Eco Park
Grand Float Parade
Tourist Mode

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