Tagaytay Quickie

Would you believe that since the pandemic started, I only got out of Metro Manila earlier this year?  And it wasn’t for some guests, it may have been much later.  Here are some highlights from that trip to Tagaytay.

Our first stop: Twin Lakes.

It had been so long since I was last in Tagaytay that a lot of things were new to me, including this place called Twin Lakes by their developer.  From the road, all you see are some storefronts, but as you enter you get a glimpse of how extensive this property is.  The selling point would of course be that stunning view of the Taal volcano and the cool weather of Tagaytay highlands.  This was our first stop where we had our unexpectedly heavy breakfast.

Seeing Mt. Batulao again after all these years reminded me of my first ever trail run once upon a time!

Then we were off to Caleruega Chapel.  The trip in itself was a joy as the sceneries were just unbelievable.  We didn’t expect to stay long, until we discovered their amazing garden.

Caleruega Chapel.
Off to find the hanging bridge of Caleruega…

The plants were beautifully landscaped and we saw flowers in just about every color imaginable!  A lot of them, honestly, I’ve never seen before!  And then they have this hanging bridge that’s quite an experience to cross—especially when kids purposely shake them.

Did I mention they also have a waterfall?

They also have stations of the cross that go to the top of a hill—perfect for the Holy Week.

I really love what they did to their gardens and the surrounding sceneries will make you want to linger.

We took our time to savor the fresh and cool air and the lovely view of the nearby mountains.

Mention a color and there’s probably a flower of that color here.

We concluded our quick trip with a sumptuous lunch in one of the restaurants along Tagaytay Ridge, overlooking the incredible view of Taal and surrounding mountains.

One last glimpse of Taal before we head back.

It was this trip that reminded me what experiences we lost for the last few years, and so now I’m trying to recover lost time by traveling whenever I can.

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