Grand Float Parade – Panagbenga 2023 Chronicles (Part 1)

For the first time since the pandemic started, I was finally able to return to one of my favorite cities in the Philippines, Baguio City.  And coincidentally, we managed to catch the last few days of the Panagbenga Festival.  Here’s our story.

What a welcome!

Just as we got off our bus, the crowd was already starting to form around Session Road.  We didn’t realize that the Grand Street Dance Parade was about to start as it was coincidental with our dates of stay.  Looking back, it may have been a good idea had we stayed around longer to watch, but we caught some parts of it as we walked towards our hotel.

Later on, our first destination was the Baguio Cathedral (or Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral).  Always nice to say thanks after arriving safely, especially after a long trip, and after all these times!

Our first stop.

Then it’s a quick trip to one of my favorite restaurants, Oh My Gulay!  It’s as good as I remembered it.

Looks good, tastes even better!

It was cloudy pretty much the whole day we explored the city, but it was nice that it didn’t rain and we got to enjoy the cool weather we were looking for.

View of Burnham Park from a nearby mall.
Baguio Cathedral at night.
Burnham Park remains lively at night.

The following day, we braced ourselves to rub shoulders with fellow tourists as we watch the last major event of the Panagbenga Festival, the Grand Float Parade.  It’s something I’ve always looked forward to watching in person and it’s fortunate that it’s finally happening.

On our way to our “spot.”

We picked a spot near a mall as we’re able to see it face on and not from the sides if we’re to watch it along Session Road.  Here are some clips from the parade:

Definitely worth standing over an hour for this!
This “Jeepito” was one of the last “floats” in the parade.
A parade of horses formally closes the parade.
Let me end this story with this photo taken from Camp John Hay, where we spend the rest of our second day in the city.

Panagbenga 2023 Chronicles
Mirador Heritage and Eco Park
Grand Float Parade
Tourist Mode

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