Fitness First’s Let’s Get Personal: The Aftermath

After ten (10) intense personal training sessions of Fitness First’s Let’s Get Personal program, it’s time to check my results.  Are ten sessions enough?

My metrics as the program launched

I started my Let’s Get Personal journey November last year when Fitness First Philippines launched the program at their Fort Bonifacio branch.  We were able to meet the 2013 winners of New You Achievement Awards and got inspired (at least I did) by their achievements.  But being inspired won’t burn calories or strengthen muscles—actions do, and it wasn’t until about a month later when I had my actual first step.

Let’s Get Personal is about matching you with the most ideal personal trainer based on your preferred branch, personality, and goals.  This is achieved by simply answering a questionnaire in their website.  After some processing, the website will recommend the most ideal personal trainer for you, and it’s just up to you if you want to put that recommendation into action.  In my case, my preferred branch was SM City North EDSA branch inside The Block building, and I was paired by Fitness First with Carlos Miguel “Migs” Buensuceso.  After some brief introductions, we were off to our first session.

Screenshot from the Let’s Get Personal microsite

The first step, they say, is the most difficult.  But looking back at my ten sessions, the first one was actually the easiest.  The first session is basically just an assessment on your current state.  You’re tested in several metrics like strength, balance, etc., but I won’t put it into details here so that those who’d undergo this process won’t “cheat” their result by preparing.  But I’ll give you a tip on one of the assessment tests though: running on a treadmill.  If you want to have a “perfect” score on this test, you should crank up the treadmill from the start to a speed of at least 15kph and maintain that for the duration of the test. 😀

Afterwards, the not so obvious aspects will be tested like your body fat percentage, metabolic age, etc.  I unfortunately wasn’t able to get my copy on my first session, but I do remember that my metabolic age went down by one, to 20, from 21 during the Let’s Get Personal launch about a month earlier.  I also did lose some weight, to my surprise, and was 130 lbs.

When you sign up for the program, you really won’t have any excuses to hold you back (this is my shirt courtesy of  Fitness First during the Let’s Get Personal launch)

The next sessions were just intense.  I remember having a session when I was just beat and felt like throwing up, no kidding!  And with those intense sessions I did realize the value of having a personal trainer: he/she can push you well beyond your limits!  Even if you push yourself to your limit, that’s still giving it just 100%.  Having a personal trainer pushes you beyond that, allowing you to achieve your results faster.  I’ve been a Fitness First member for years and I haven’t seen results this fast!

Going back to my question, are ten sessions enough?  No.  Definitely not.  But it’s enough for you to notice some improvements.  I don’t have anything concretely measurable.  But I feel the difference.  For instance, before the Let’s Get Personal program, I can only manage around 400 meters on the treadmill at speeds of up to 13kph for warm-ups.  During the program, my warm-up is doing the fastest I comfortably can on the treadmill for five (5) minutes without tiring myself too much for the following workout.  Initially, I start with my normal range, gradually topping to 14.5kph.  Before the program was even midway, I can already start running at 15kph and sustain that for the duration covering at least 1.2K.  As per my physique, I notice some of my clothes becoming tighter on the arms, and I do get compliments from friends I’ve not seen in a while.  My weight was hovering above 130lbs during the program as well (my program is weight gain through muscle mass).

Taken January 2014 at Alona beach, Panglao Island, Bohol, after eight (8) personal training sessions with the Let’s Get Personal program

As a gym-goer for so many years now, I’d agree that having a personal trainer is optional.  But if you really want to push yourself further than ever before and get to your goals faster, it’s highly recommended.  Whereas the previous process of selecting an ideal personal trainer was trivial and often merely coincidental, the Let’s Get Personal program of Fitness First ensures that you don’t just get any trainer—you get the best one for you!  There really are no excuses why you won’t reach your goals when you sign up with this program.  Chances are, the time and money you’d invest waiting for that result to happen, on your own, would be greater than having the ideal personal trainer assist you and motivate you to reach your goals.

For more information about the Let’s Get Personal program of Fitness First, visit

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