RIP:60 Workshop With Tim Church

RIP:60 Master Coach Tim Church held a workshop last Monday, October 14, 2013 at Gold’s Gym Acropolis aimed primarily at athletes and trainers.  I was indeed lucky to have had the opportunity to be instructed by a RIP:60 Master Coach by being part of this workshop.

Before the start of the workshop at Gold’s Gym Acropolis

The workshop unsurprisingly started with a warm up, and even at this early stage it was on a completely different level—you know you are in a class headed by a Master Coach.  It was “just” a warm up, but it’s practically an entire workout for me as a “regular” person, and I was dripping sweat just a few minutes into the warm up.  It wasn’t easy, but Tim Church’s approach made it very educational and admittedly, fun.

Let’s get it on!

I’ve only a minimal experience with the RIP:60 system before this session so there are quite some skills that I don’t know with the tool.  Despite being with Gold’s Gym trainers whom are experienced with using RIP:60, I didn’t feel out of place as Tim Church personally helped me on how to use the tool.  As a true Master Coach, he’s able to combine people of different skill sets and levels successfully without anyone getting left behind or underachieving.  He takes into account the lowest skill level while also assisting the advanced ones to increase their difficulty.  And that’s the beauty of RIP:60—it may be a “simple” tool that relies on the user’s own body weight, but it can give a great workout to everyone from novice to professional athletes.

At the end of the session I didn’t just take away one or two very valuable lessons—I took a lot!  I won’t go into details with what I learned (better attend Tim Church’s workshop to find out!) but it’s quite valuable for sports and knowledge sharing.

It was quite tiring but a highly educational and fun workshop.  I would like to thank Tim Church for the assistance and correction, and the very informative workshop!  I would also like to thank Gold’s Gym Philippines for making this event possible, and making me a part of it. 🙂

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