Nike Run Clinic Session 04

This was my first Nike Run Clinic session at Bonifacio High Street and unfortunately I got there quite late.  It was my first time to go for a run session on a Friday so I actually forgot about it until before 7PM!  By that time, being a Friday and a payday, traffic was really heavy so I got there a bit over 8PM.

I saw several runners already doing laps around High Street when I got there so I asked Coach Rio if I can still “catch up.”  Apparently several of my classmates also got stuck on traffic so many arrived late also.  Thankfully I was able to join but unfortunately I wasn’t able to do all the activities.  I was only able to do a tempo run of 6-laps around High Street.

The course didn’t cover the entire block; it’s from Nike to ROX area only, a distance of about 800M totaling 4.8K.  This was followed by cool-down activities right there in front of the Nike shop.

I think the early participants were able to do some more tempo runs as there were two lists where we placed our names and time, I only wrote on one for the 6-lap run.  Too bad for me, I only got a half-session.

It’s quite interesting that when you run alone (since I’m late) you tend to be slower than the usual since you don’t have other runners to base your pace or push you to be faster, this is even though you thought you were running your normal pace.  My time for this 4.8K course is actually slower than my 5K typical time so I know I was really slow.   This is why I love our Ultra sessions: you run as a group (which were quite serious on sprints) so you tend to keep up with the group’s pace.

Well, half a session is better than none, but still incomplete.  I did enjoy my half-session: it gave me time to have some practice run before my 10K Milo Marathon on Sunday.  Now part of my Run Clinic program is getting there on time.

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