2 Days before Bataan 102 Ultra

One of the races that I really hope to join one day is the Bataan 102 Ultramarathon, simply because it allows us to look back at our history and somewhat relive some of the sacrifices our war veterans encountered.  The race is by no means easy—it’s 102 kilometers (about 63.38 miles, or roughly 2½ marathons) and has a cut-off time of 18 hours!  It’s amazing what our heroes had to endure to gain back our freedom.

“A Salute to Our Heroes…Run, Endure, and Survive
the Bataan Death March”

The race starts at vicinity Km 00 at the Bataan Death March Park in Mariveles, Bataan and concludes in Km 102 in San Fernando, Pampanga.  To the 82 ladies and gentlemen participating in this race, I salute you!  Good luck on your endeavor.  To the organizers, thank you for coming up with a meaningful race like this.  I hope this becomes a regular event so many more could join in the future and get a chance to appreciate the significance of the Bataan Death March.

Good luck to all and congratulations!

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  1. kingofpots says:

    dhenz, it started as an idea and now it is a reality. we have to make this as annual event to aware the younger generations on the sacrifices of our forefathers had to offer in the name of freedom & independence. such event gives us a reminder of the atrocities a war. in sports, this will make our country as a destination for ultra runners worldwide and relive history by running where history happened. thanks for those best wishes and for your support.

    > You’re welcome Sir and thank you again. I hope that your visions come to reality and congratulations!


  2. highaltitude says:

    hi dhenz, thank you so much. we ran, endured and survived the bataan102. mt. batulao hiking was my active recovery 🙂 hope you could join the next event of bataan102.

    > Hi Jerry! I hope too that I could join next year! Interesting recovery you got hehe 😀


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