runningpinoy Turns One!

Just a few days ago I was celebrating my birthday; yesterday I had another reason to celebrate as my running blog had its first anniversary!

I was too busy at the office that it was only after midnight that I realize the significance of November 11 for my blog, and with that I would like to thank everyone who continuously supports my site especially my regular visitors.   As of yesterday I registered a hit of more than 32,000 since the site’s conception and as a regular person sharing his passion for running online, it is already an achievement.  Thank you very much! I really appreciate all your visits and comments.   I hope that you return to this site for more updates in the running scene here in the Philippines, and don’t hesitate to send me your comments (which I really love receiving).  God bless everyone and run safe!

13 Comments Add yours

  1. wilson says:

    woohoo! happy 1st year anniversary


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you Wilson! That was fast! (I posted this just a few minutes ago :D)


  2. jinoe says:

    Burger burger….
    Congrats dhenz. More power to runningpinoy!


  3. run unltd. says:

    Happy first!


  4. dhenztm says:

    Thanks Jinoe and Vener! Pag mag nakuha akong fastfood sponsor sige mag burger party tayo hehe 🙂


  5. Red says:

    congrats dhenz! ice cream din!!!


  6. Bro J says:

    congratulations runningpinoy! Keep on running and blogging!


  7. cathydaza says:

    Yan naman! Congrats Dhenz =D


  8. jazzrunner says:

    Congrats continue to inspire us all!


  9. Happy Anniversary and more great things to come…


  10. elkyoshi says:

    Wow congrats and happy 1st anniversary!


  11. Wayne says:

    Congrats Dennis!!!!


  12. cindz says:

    congrats dhenz!


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