The Search for the Bests of 2009 is ON!

We’re practically midway with the month of November and it would be just another month before we close the year 2009, and with that I would like to start compiling the highlights (and lowlights?) of the year as far as running in the Philippines is concerned.  We’ve seen how running had evolved this year and at the same time also devolved.

For this year’s best races I have the following categories:

  • Best Race
  • Best International Marathon
  • Best Marathon
  • Best Half-Marathon
  • Best Sub-Half Marathon (below 21K)
  • Best Ultra-Marathon
  • Best Trail Run
  • Best Race Finisher’s Medal
  • Best Race Singlet
  • Best Marathon Route

I already have my secret nominees for all these categories and you too can participate by sending me your vote via comments (which would remain anonymous and unpublished) of your personal picks.  Results would be published on my year-end special recap.

With that I also have a poll that I hope you’d join:

Update: Poll is now closed.

Depending on the poll result I may even publish the lowlights for 2009 so aside from your best picks you may also include your “worst” picks with your comments (also will remain anonymous) and please mention why so we can inform the race directors and organizers.  I know the running community has a lot to say, good and bad, and now it’s your time to be heard.

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