Pre-Con (Pre-Condura Run 2010)

Yesterday was the first day of race packet claiming for the forthcoming Condura Run 2010, Run for the Dolphins, and I couldn’t think of any way it could be better.  I arrived pretty late in Condura Village (across ROX, Bonifacio High Street) at around 8:30PM and I feared that claiming is already closed for the day since on the claim receipt it states that claiming is only until 8PM that day (11AM – 10PM on Friday, February 5 and 11AM – 6PM on Saturday, February 6), but to my surprise there were people still manning the area.  You can’t miss it because the booths are plenty, reminiscent of SCSM, and was very, very organized, clustered by distance and sorted by last name.  There’s even a dedicated area for international runners.  Going back, I went to the 42K area and looked for letter “R” (my last name) and asked if it was still okay to claim my packet.  Without any hesitation I got a “Sige Sir” (surely, Sir) response and I presented my claim receipt.  Their method was as efficient as it can be and in just a while I had my race packet—very easy!  They even offered me this Sunday’s copy of Condura Run 2010 Special section of The Philippine Star dated February 07, 2010 (now that’s what I call an “early edition”).  Make sure to get one because it contains the detailed route of all events plus more information about the race.

As for the race packet, it comes in a big brown envelope containing another smaller envelope with two race bibs (one containing your number and another blank one for some messages) with eight safety pins; a section of March 29, 2009 edition of The Philippine Star containing last year’s race results, flyers and product samplers from sponsors, a reflector, and a very nice finisher’s shirt (which I really love!).

Condura Run 2010 finisher’s shirt (courtesy

One thing I noticed though was that the lower left section of your race bib where a barcode containing your number should appear doesn’t have any markings!   Make sure to write your race number there using a waterproof-permanent marker just to be safe on the results aspect.  While you’re at it fill up the information at the back of the race bib.  You’ll never know if it may come in handy!

“Look Ma, no barcodes!” I highly suggest that you write your bib number here

Carbo-Loading Party

Last night also saw one of the biggest gatherings as we met up for the Condura Run Carbo-Loading Party (CLP).  This race would be one of the most attended race of members with over 50 running the full marathon (many of which attempting their first) and much more doing the side events.  It was a great time to meet new faces and be reunited with familiar ones.  It was a blissful dinner with pastas being served everywhere and the night was even made more memorable by free photos and prints courtesy of Bong Yu’s phötöböngböng during its run-through.  Good luck BY on your new venture!  Expect to see more pictures from this new photo service soon.  (If you happen to pass by phötöböngböng inform them that runningpinoy referred you :))

Powerpuff Boys?!

I really enjoyed the night and to the new faces I met it was a pleasure to meet you all.  To those who had asked to be paced or asked for my target time I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to give my commitment promise or gave a definite answer as I really just intend to enjoy this race—no pressure, no expectations, just fun!  Just give this race for me to savor and next time I promise to be of service to fellow runners.  This would be my comeback race after two months of hibernation so I hope you all understand.  Good luck to all Condura runners!  Run safe!

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