2nd BDM Ultramarathon 102 (Part 5: Bonus Stage)

Last night the awarding ceremony and get together party of the 2010 BDM 102 was staged at the AFP Clubhouse for all event participants composed of runners, support group, marshals, etc.  Sir Jovie “Baldrunner” Narcise also presented to all of us his observations and assessments of the race.

BR presenting his observations from the recently concluded BDM 102

2011 BDM

Next year’s BDM would introduce a new longer distance and new caps on the number of participants.  Here are some particulars:

BDM 102
March 5-6, 2011
Cut-off time: still at 18 hours
Limit: 100 runners (excluding AFP/PNP), by invitation only

BDM 150
March 5-6, 2011
Cut-off time: 24 hours
Limit: 50 runners, by invitation only

Application starts March 15, 2010 via www.baldrunner.com

The top three men and women of 2010 BDM 102


Sponsors were also given tribute with smaller versions of the finisher’s trophy and a certificate of recognition.  As for finishers we were also given a treat: a “dog-tag.”

Certificate of Recognition awarded to Takbo.ph
A smaller Sponsor’s trophy (left) with a Finisher’s trophy (right)

Have you heard the telltales of runners finishing the entire 102 kilometer course despite being beyond the cutoff time of 18 hours?  Well BR was quite generous and rewarded their hard work with a Finisher’s trophy and medal, although their medals don’t have rankings at the back.  Great job guys!

It really was a great night of celebration with overflowing food, drinks, and beer!  It was a great way to conclude this year’s events and of course for most of us our thoughts are going “150.”  24-hour support?

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  1. Rod says:

    24 hours? challenge sa magiging support crew yan. nice recap of the awards night, bro!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Gagawa tayo ng “Ultra-Support Training 101: Guide to a 24-hr Support” hehe… may promotional tagline pa, “Want a free historic tour of Bataan, Pampanga, and Tarlac?” hahaha 😀


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