In-Action at Action & Fitness (A&F) Magazine

If you happen to have the July 2010 issue of Action & Fitness (A&F) Magazine our Mt. Maculot adventure is featured on the Travel & Adventure section, page 92, courtesy of our climb muse Vicky Ras.  This is my first time to appear with A&F and first time to be featured not running!  Thank you Vicky for sharing our adventure with everyone!

(Had I known you’d share our pictures I would’ve stuck with you more! 🙂 )

Aside from the aforementioned article Vicky has another one about Eating Healthy.  Noelle “KIKAYRUNNER” too has an article  in this issue about Shoulder Stretches (nice flexibility Noelle!).

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  1. Vicky Ras says:

    hahaha. Love the witticism!:D Yaan mo, next time we go on another adventure, i’ll make sure we get featured somewhere again. Kaya for that, magplano ka na ng something. Mishooo Dhenz!


    1. dhenztm says:

      I miss you too Vicky! It’s been a long time… Hmm so what’s next? Care for Bohol? Haha 🙂


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