My BDM102 (2011) Perspective (in Photos)

Bataan Death March Ultramarathon is currently the longest road ultramarathon in the Philippines with 160 kilometers and “classic” 102 kilometers route.  The 102K event would always be special for me as it was my first road ultramarathon and the first one beyond 100K.  Unfortunately I’m not able to run either of the two events, but when the opportunity came to spectate the event (102K) first hand, I grabbed the chance and took the opportunity to relive my experiences.  Here’s part of my chronicles of the event, in photos:

BDM102 (2011) ©2011 Dennis Ravanzo /

Thank you Sir Jovie “Baldrunner” Narcise for making this race possible.  It was indeed interesting to be on the “other side of the road” and after seeing the different emotions at the finish line, it made me realize more how important this race is, not just for me, but for many—an item ticked off from their respective “bucket lists.”  It was also great to see how time and weather may have changed, but the camaraderie I loved about BDM remains.  Congratulations to everyone, and many thanks to the support crew, volunteers, and all had been part of this race!

Race Results:

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  1. marky_mark says:

    ganda nito IDOL denz 🙂

    thanks bro isa ka sa una kung nakita sa finshline(after Sir Jovie cympre hehe) gulat nga ako uy c idol denz 🙂

    Thank bro sa mga advise !

    ingat palagi




    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you!
      You’re welcome (nakatulong ba? :D) and Congratulations!


  2. says:

    i sure hope i would run this race in the future… but for now, shorter distances muna for mere mortals like me… congratz finishers!!!!!


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