Costume Crisis

Halloween is almost here, one of the “newest” and most enjoyable western tradition assimilated with our own. For kids, it’s much ado about the “trick-or-treat”-ing, but for the kids at heart, it’s about the costumes and parties! It’s fun just thinking about it, but I have a problem–I don’t have a costume yet!

Halloween gatherings are really fun, but the excitement is an entirely new level if you wear a costume. I realized this last year when many of my friends wore their costumes during a Halloween fun run. This year, I decided to follow suit and wear a costume for the Halloween night race, adobo Run After Dark. If you’re a runner and in Metro Manila on Saturday, that’s where you should be at!

The thing is, finding a unique and memorable costume isn’t easily, particularly in such a very short time, especially if you’re thinking of running in it! If you’re going to wear a costume, better give it your best! And particularly for adobo Run, a good amount of cash prize await the best in costume! Yes, it’s too farfetched for me to think of finding a “best costume” with the little time that I have, but I don’t want to wear a costume just for the sake of wearing one–I want a good costume!

Costume rentals are an option–but between work and travel time, it’s a problem. Chances are that by this time, all the good costumes have already been picked. And by my experience, costumes seldom fit me well.

DIY–Do It Yourself. How I wish I was that creative. I know what I want, and I know I don’t have that skill.

Shopping–the last frontier. Looks like this is my best option, find a costume that hopefully isn’t worn by somebody else at the event without breaking the bank. But the question still remains: what to wear?

Well, I still have about a day to figure out the answer to that question. Wish me luck that I succeed from this “crisis.”

Even my angry bird has his own costume--he's disguised as my bodyguard 😛

By the way, to those who still haven’t signed up registration for this weekend’s adobo Run After Dark is still open and there’s even an on-site registration from 10AM to 6PM so you still have a chance not to be left out. The event also has the Isang Litrong Liwanag by Illac Diaz’ My Shelter Foundation as beneficiary so you won’t feel guilty while enjoying the free-flowing Manila Beer during the post-race party! The event will be held at Aseana City, Macapagal Blvd., Pasay City (near SM Mall of Asia).

To those who will be making a career out of their costumes, a 3K race is dedicated to you while for the “hardcore” ones, there’s the 15K. I, however, will be strutting my costume (whatever the malls will bestow upon me) and do my “chillax” run on the 5K. Oh, and there’s a medal awaiting the first 500 finishers for 5K and also the first 500 finishers for the 15K, nice!

So, you at the party! 😀

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  1. rah says:

    bukod sa costume na maganda at entertaining malaking factor din na pwede siya itakbo, as in safe itakbo, yung hindi siya magsisira along the way. 🙂 that said, i agree,,, mahirap ng maghanap ng costume. Goodluck! sana manalo ka sa category na to.


  2. RunningAtom says:

    haha.. Dhenz, same crisis here. I’m already thinking of not running anymore due to unavailability of costume 🙂 Well, what do you have in mind? Let’s brainstorm 😉


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