Run United 2 Race Expo

Last night I had the chance to drop by the Run United 2 Race Expo to claim my race kit and I was so surprised at how smoothly everything went.  Here’s what you may expect from the expo:

The Run United 2 Race Expo at the empty lot in
9th Ave. corner 26th St.

It was already the second day of claiming of race kits but due to the inclement weather the day before, the expo had to be postponed so yesterday was its first day.  The expo may not be held in an inflatable cube as I expected, but nonetheless it was inside a tent where you won’t get wet in case it rains.

Claiming my 21K kit was a breeze, thanks to the very friendly and
accommodating staff of RunRio (see, no lines!)
Inside the RU2 Expo tent
One of the first items that caught my eyes were these RunRio mugs
…Beside which are these cow bells
(uhm, what are you supposed to do with them if you do not have cows?)
Shoppers, there are also lots of discounted running (and related) items for sale here
Which is not limited to just shoes (but I do wonder why most of the items for sale from
this brand is mostly for women)

Overall, kit claiming was pleasant, and the race expo was interesting.  Too bad I’m not in the mood to shop. 🙂  But if you are, you may find some interesting items here.

Note: The Run United 2 Race Expo is open until Saturday, June 16, 2012, from 11AM to 8PM only.  No further claiming on race day.  For more details, visit

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