Excited with my Afro

I’m so excited (or “scared” more appropriate?) with my Run United 3 “Afroman” (32K) race next week (already?!) that my hair started growing fast and started to curl!

But seriously, if you’re training it’s time to taper.  To those like me who haven’t had the chance to train, good luck to all of us! 😀

I was really quite surprised why 32K was in that great demand!  According to RunRio, there were 2,800 slots for 32K, 40% more than that of last year (2,000) but many aiming to complete the Run United Trilogy were still unable to register.  I could only assume that this is a case of “bragging rights” for some runners always signing up for the longest distance of a race whether they’re ready or not, thus taking away precious slots to those whom these are dedicated for.  The bad news is that you can only gain access to the Run United Trilogy Awards Night if you complete the trilogy with 21K-21K-32K distances.  But as a consolation, you may still complete the medal puzzle if you settle for the 21K.

Whatever distance you’d be doing next week on Run United 3, good luck!  Don’t waste your slot, attend the race and do your best!

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