Baguio City Quickie + Food Trip

Just before 2012 drew to a close I managed to take a quick break from the hustles and bustles of Metro Manila by “chilling” in cool weather of Baguio City.  Here’s my trip in pictures.

One of the common sights of Baguio City: flowers

Session Road

Session Road is considered the main thoroughfare of Baguio City so it’s practically impossible to miss it.  Among my favorite attractions here are the many restaurants and cafés in the area, the public market, and the Baguio Cathedral.

Too bad some tourists vandalized the street sign
Session road mid day traffic
Session road shortly after sunset

Baguio Cathedral

Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral, better known as Baguio Cathedral, is one of the popular icons of the city.

Baguio Cathedral
The Altar
The clock tower
An Angel at the entrance

Public Market

The public market of Baguio City is probably one of the best places to get your “pasalubong.”

The pedestrian overpass near the public market
I’d say that this building beside the public market could be considered iconic
Inside the public market
Some of the popular options for “pasalubong”
This is one of the most interesting finds for me in the public market: seedless oranges from Sagada
Sausages from other regions are also available here

Burnham Park

Burnham Park was named after the American architect and urban planner, Daniel Hudson Burnham who laid the plans for the city of Baguio.

One attraction in the park is a boat ride in the lake
Interesting sculpture within the park
I just love the huge trees that surround this park!

Mines View Park

Mines View Park is a popular tourist attraction where one can view an abandoned mine used by early Ibaloi/Igorot.

Sooo many tourists that weekend
A wishing well of sort
One of the several “working dogs” in the park
Panoramic view from the park
A trip to the area is not complete without a visit to Good Shepherd
It’s a must that you try their famous strawberry jam, ube jam, and my recent favorite, alfajor

Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto

The Lourdes Grotto is a Catholic shrine located on a high hill in the western part of the city.

It’s a long way up…
A statue of Christ along the alternate route for those who can’t take the stairs
An interesting tree near the peak of the hill
The Grotto
Some pilgrims light candles with their prayers
Lovely view of the city from the Grotto
If you got hungry going up and down the Grotto, you can have some snacks at the foot of the hill
This is called “binatog”

* * *

Going around can make you hungry, and Baguio City has a lot of great food spots.  Here are some of the spots we were able to try with our quick visit.

O’Mai Khan

If you’re looking for Mongolian-style buffet that is also affordable, this is the spot.  The buffet costs ₱210.

Located in Engineers Hill
The Mongolian-style buffet table: pick your meat, add your ingredients, and wait for it to be cooked
My “masterpiece” 😀
Strawberry shake: nothing special

Zola Restaurant/Café

I’ve always seen this café near Baguio Cathedral but I’ve only got to try it this time.  Zola is much like a fusion of restaurant, café, and bar!

Located near Baguio Cathedral
Surprisingly big and thick pancakes
Oreo shake: yummy!

Glenn 50’s Diner

Located in General Luna Road, Glenn 50’s Diner has got to be one of my favorite Baguio food spots.  Great tasting food, huge servings, and affordable prices—what’s not to love?

Something new on their menu: the “Gambler” (two-thumbs up!)
I forgot what this concoction is called, but it’s just heavenly

Despite the six-hour bus ride, I always love going to Baguio City primarily because of the cool weather and good food.  It isn’t as charming as before as the city grew crowded, but it still remains at the top of my list of top destinations in the country.

View from our lodge
Night shot of the city

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  1. NOEL says:

    Baguio remains the undisputed summer capital. Thank you for sharing your pictures. Great shots!


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