2012: Last Hurrah

2012 had been one of the most “interesting” years of my adult life but unfortunately running took a back seat for me this year in terms of mileage.  That doesn’t mean though that there isn’t much to share about this year!  Here are ten (10) of my favorite posts for the year:

Dried Mango Chronicles

My first trip of the year to one of my favorite locations in the country, Cebu.  From my Cebu City Marathon experience and to the side trips that makes me always look forward to returning to this lovely City.

A Ravishing Day at XTERRA Pang Rave Run

My first trail run of the year and is also one of the most fun!  The event that introduced me to Timberland Sports and Nature Club’s famous ensaymada. 🙂

Salomon XTrail Run Teaser

A trail preview for Salomon XTrail held at Tagaytay Highlands, it was a really “cool” activity.

Behind the Scenes: Pico Tri Invitational at Pico de Loro Cove, Hamilo Coast

My first “media-coverage,” it was my first time to cover a world-class caliber triathlon event in the country.

Easter Photowalk

One of the few photowalks I did for the year, but it was one of my favorite because it was in one of the most historic and picturesque locations in the Philippines: Intramuros, and onward to the streets of Manila.

Cebu Lechon Chronicles

As a testament to how much I love this city, I had to return for a second time before the year was even halfway through.

Boracay (Mis)Adventures

My ultimate summer getaway for the year in one of the world’s best beaches, Boracay!

My First 16.8K Race with adidas King of the Road 2012

After four years of running, who knew I’d still have firsts?  This is hands down one of the best and my favorite races of 2012.

Lahar Chronicles: Columbia Eco Trail Run Pinatubo Encounter

Lahar: you’d just love to hate it as it gets everywhere!  We may not have reached the Crater Lake of Mt. Pinatubo with this race, but I just love every moment of this unique event.

Trail Preview: Waldorf Trail Run at Timberland Heights

While this may just be a preview of a race yet to happen, it fell on this list because I just love the trails, and I really love the trails of Timberland.  If you haven’t been there I highly recommend you join this forthcoming race.

Looking back, it was indeed quite an interesting year for me.  I would like to thank everyone that supported my blog this year, and I do hope you enjoyed reading about my chronicles around the country.

Looking forward to a great 2013 for all of us!  Happy New Year!  Cheers! 😀

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