Summer is Here! My Long Overdue Return to Puerto Galera (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)  The following day was a total opposite of the day before: it begun with rains and for the most part cloudy.  Just as when I was seriously considering running barefoot on the beach!

Warm and cloudy

The good thing about our second day, a Sunday, is that most of the local tourists were leaving so the island was much less crowded.

“A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.” —William Arthur Ward
My ubiquitous slippers… the beach is definitely
best walked barefoot

Despite the gloomy weather and many tourists leaving, beach activities continue… I could get used to this 🙂

Parasailing in Puerto Galera
Keeping up with the rest of the world…
Caught in the act 😛
And I really saw one of these FlyFish flying!
This has just got to be one of the thorniest plants I have ever seen!  No sign of the sky lighting up…

The rest of the afternoon was just gloomy so there wasn’t even a slight chance seeing another beautiful sunset.

The beach from another perspective
Nice parking spot!  Time to call it a day for this boat…
Yes, that’s a plastic cup on the beach left by some lousy tourists who won’t even pick up their own trash 😦

Even with less tourists, Sunday night life in Puerto Galera remains alive…

Dinner.  Nothing exotic.
It’s amazing what these fire dancers can do…
I tried to learn how to do this before with basic poi, but I am just not as coordinated 😛
Puerto Galera white beach on a Sunday night

Monday, our last day in Puerto Galera.  It’s a must that I be able to run this beach!  I was quite fortunate that on our third day, the sun is back!

Made an out and back route along white beach, barefoot of course, totaling 1.9K

This recent trip made me appreciate Puerto Galera more: the beach was good, the waters were really clean, and accommodations were quite cheap.  I do wish though that there were more food choices as the options were really limited along white beach, but in fairness “unlimited rice” bundles are pretty common.

Speaking of wishes, I do wish that we have more responsible tourists flocking our beaches, not just in Puerto Galera, but everywhere.  I just really hate it when I saw cigarette butts, liquor bottles, plastic cups, and all other trash left behind by tourists on the beach.  These junks may cause deaths to creatures that may mistake them for food, and it just destroys the beauty of nature.  We don’t want to see Puerto Galera looking like Manila Bay today so hopefully we be responsible in disposing of our trash properly.  We could all enjoy nature without harming her.  So to those who are cleaning the beaches and looking after these tourists, thank you very much!

Until we meet again, Puerto Galera!

Thank you very much Puerto Galera for a great time!  I hope it doesn’t take me as many years to return, and hope to see you with more developments in the future!  Hope you stay clean and beautiful!  Until we meet again!

* * *

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