Trails and the City (Trail Running in Filinvest City)

Filinvest City is known for its business district and the nice community surrounding it but to those who don’t know the area that well, who would’ve known that Filinvest City boasts of great bike/trail routes?

Nature and progress coexisting

That’s exactly what Filinvest City want everyone to know: Filinvest City is a great destination for running and biking, both roads and trails, without having to go outside Metro Manila.

If it wasn’t for that building at the background you may think that this was a trail outside Metro Manila

Last April 13, 2013, Filinvest City invited bloggers from the running and biking community to have a first-hand experience on how the newly refreshed bike trails of Filinvest City feels like.  Personally, I had joined races in the area so I had some idea of the roads, but I’m admittedly clueless on their bike trails.

Some parts of the trails were quite flat and a bit dull
But every now and then it gets interesting
Progress can be achieved without sacrificing nature

There’s currently nine (9) kilometers-worth of bike trails around Filinvest City ranging from the beginner to the advanced/expert levels.  These bike trails are also shared with runners so everyone is welcome, but there are of course rules to be followed by everyone using the trails.

Make sure you understand the notice before embarking on the trails

Admittedly I got a bit bored during the first few kilometers of our run as it was really flat (beginner’s section of the bike trails) but as we progress towards the more technical routes, I was pleasantly surprised!  Who would’ve thought that an area as developed as Filinvest City would retain such excellent trails?

This was where the fun started 😀
My favorite part of the route: instead of cutting down this fallen tree,
Filinvest City managed to transform it into this ridiculously cool segment
Going down… could you imagine that this is just beside the SLEX?
This is much more intimidating than it seems… (can you spot the runner?)

Filinvest City is committed to keeping the place a “garden city” so it’s balancing development and nature in the area.  And aside from all the greeneries, they’re also pushing forward green living by reducing carbon footprints with carless Sundays around the city loop from 5AM to 10AM.  This is a great initiative for the benefit of those who are running or biking in the area at those times.

Areas affected by carless Sundays

Since the trails were really made for bikes, the grounds are quite compacted already, so at times you kind of feel like you’re running on concrete—nothing that a shoe with good cushioning can fix—but the terrain was really interesting, complete with downhills and uphills that could give anyone a workout.  For runners it’s a bit of a challenge, but if you’re coming in with a bike, make sure that the section you’re entering matches your skill level as it can be very, very technical.  They don’t have any markers yet on the degree of difficulty when you enter the trails so exercise caution!

Filinvest City bike trail zones

Filinvest City indeed is a great location for both runners and bikers who want to experience great trails without going out of Metro Manila.  There are lots of parking spaces all around since the area is a business district (make sure to ask around for a “safe” spot); accessibility is great as the Skyway has its terminal exit at Filinvest City and public transportation is available as well; and the community itself incorporates the healthy lifestyle so whether you bike or run, you’re not out of place.  My only concern is the availability of public restrooms which right now is just available inside the malls and some establishments, but if you’re doing your rounds near the parking lot of the mall anyway, this shouldn’t be much of a concern (except if it’s outside mall hours).

Our route covering the bike trails of Filinvest City

I’m so glad that Filinvest City invited us and let us know their “playground” much better.  I’m also glad that there are urban developments in Metro Manila that still incorporates nature and green living in their culture, and that access is made available to the public.  Thank you Filinvest City!  I hope that we could all enjoy your garden city for many, many more years to come! 😀

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  1. @runningcacs says:

    I was in search for trails near the metro when I stumbled upon this site. Thank you for your detailed review of Filinvest City Trails. By the way, would you know if they allow runners to go inside the trails during early evening say 5 or 6pm?


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome!

      You could but it is not advised as the trail routes are mostly unlit and bikers may not see you in the dark (the trails are actually bike trails shared with runners)


  2. Grace says:

    Thanks for the post! Do you know where I can get more information on this? How to commute? Entrance fee? Trail hours? I’m planning to try it.


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome! You can get onto any bus bound for Alabang. The trails are free and it’s open 24/7 but I suggest you enter the trails during daylight.


  3. Dennis, Thanks for sharing this article, i just tried riding the trails with a bunch of Emerson friends the past couple of weekends. I am glad to have discovered this only recently. The trails are surprisingly challenging, comparable to the Green Zone of Timberland. Very nice!


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome! 😀


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