Mornings with Active Health (Behind the Scenes of 2013 Run United 2 Launch)

I seldom do blog posts about event launches (since my intention is to focus on the event itself, not the launch) but every so often an event launch comes along worthy of one, and that “one” being the recent launch of this year’s second leg of Run United.

“Class Picture” (Courtesy Unilab Active Health on Facebook)

Unlike most event launches which happen on a weeknight, RU2 was launched on a weekend morning (thus the name).  And unlike most event launches where we mostly just sit around and listen, this time around we were on our feet and doing running drills—much like a running clinic!  And this running clinic cum RU2 launch was headed by no other than Coach Rio!

It was a nice, cool morning to run…
The 2013 Run United 2 event launch was held in UP Diliman campus
Together with co-runner/blogger friends, we decided to do some warm-up easy run around the UP Academic Oval
The running clinic, err… launch I mean, was held in the oval dirt track of UP Diliman (my first time to be here)… so this was Coach Rio’s playground, eh?
Coach Rio leading the warm-up drills…
Just a precursor of things to come!  But seriously, I really had a lot of fun with our drills.  It had been so long since I had a running clinic that Coach Rio himself personally supervised. 😀
After the warm-up comes the main course: running around the Academic Oval with Coach Rio.  How many times in your lifetime can you run alongside Coach Rio?

After about 7K of running around the Academic Oval, we were back on the dirt track oval for some “surprise”” activity:

The video above was a demonstration of what some “brave ones” did for a competitive but fun game which served as cool down for the rest of us.  The top three fastest men and women got some nice prizes from Unilab.

After all the action, we headed back to The Chocolate Kiss Café (inside the Bahay ng Alumni building) to formally launch this year’s second leg of the Run United series.

Then it was back to The Chocolate Kiss Café for the formal launch…
It you were following me on Twitter (@dhenzthemenace)
or Instagram (@dhenztm) I was posting
some of these pictures live 😀
As per Coach Rio’s recommendation:
The Chocolate Kiss Café’s famous tapa

It was indeed one of the most unique and fun event I’ve ever been to, and kudos to Unilab Active Health for this great idea!  It was much more than an event launch for us bloggers as well as it became our “bonding time.”  At least for this day, we were able to exercise being both bloggers and runners.  Thank you very much Unilab Active Health! 😀

* * *

Some of you may be wondering about our “uniform” during the launch.  Aside from launching Run United 2, ULAH also launched their new sets of apparels for running.  You may have seen ULAH apparels being sold during past Run United events, but these new breeds of apparels are much better than previous releases (the best ones from ULAH thus far) which I could say are at par with the branded technical shirts sold in stores.  There’s no word on pricing yet, but rest assured that it will be available in the market soon.

A closer view of the ULAH singlet that we wore: the fabric feels great with tasteful color combination
Details are subtle and not loud: the backside of the singlet

For more information about the Run United series and Unilab Active Health, you may visit or, or follow these related links:

* * *


I actually didn’t realize that “Mornings with Active Health” has an acronym of “MWAH.” 😀

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