A Quick Afternoon in UP Diliman

The University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman campus in Quezon City is what I consider to be one of the best places to run in Metro Manila—but I have not been here in ages so I decided to do a quick visit and see how much has changed.

The main entrance to UP

UP used to be host to many fun runs and some marathons and ultramarathons.  I’m not sure if any races are still held in the campus lately, but their roads remain as popular as ever.  And it’s not really surprising as the campus has some of the cleanest air in the Metro, thanks to the century-old trees that dot the area.

My “tour” started from Philcoa, on foot, via University Ave.  This is one of the features that will greet you (I’m on the right side of the road facing The Oblation).
And of course, there’s also one on the other side
As you progress towards the Academic Oval, you’ll stumble upon this new structure.  This is a terminal station of the experimental monorail that they have in the campus.  Too bad I didn’t saw the train.
One of their distinct waiting sheds
Sometimes, a rock is more than just a rock
Still headed towards the Academic Oval… See that little orange speck? That’s a person and that’s how big these trees are.
Eventually, I arrived at The Oblation: UP’s proud symbol
A much closer view of The Oblation
Sunset with the posterior view of The Oblation
In case you were wondering what is behind the building at the back of The Oblation
Time to go to the Academic Oval
The Academic Oval is where most of the runners, joggers, cyclists, etc. can be found. The big trees provide good canopy that shelter the area from direct heat of the sun so you can run here pleasantly even at noon!
The Oval is shared between joggers, bikers, and vehicles in these arrangements
I just love the huge trees here
Palma Hall: one of the buildings that line the Oval
Benitez Hall is also along the Oval
The UP Sunken Garden
Still more trees 🙂
This looks like a weapon of mass destruction 🙂
See how nice the sunset colors everything in here?
Going on the home run
Melchor Hall: quite identical with Palma Hall with more organized foliage cover
In case you were wondering: No pets allowed here
Villamor Hall with the UP Carillon

Since the Academic Oval is covered with so many tall trees, it gets darker faster than an open space so it feels kind of late even if it’s just around 6PM.  And as I was losing sunlight fast and I don’t have flash with my camera, I figured I should wrap up this quick visit.  And what better way to cap this tour than with visit to the University Shopping Center for this:

Rodic’s famous Tapsilog (₱85)

It was indeed quite a nice afternoon. 🙂

* All photos taken with a SONY NEX 5N using SEL16F28 lens.

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