Recap: Run for the Oceans

Run for the Oceans was the first virtual run event of the year that actually motivated me to get out and run.  It was coincidentally at the time when Metro Manila was under a less restrictive lockdown.  Here’s my recap of the event.

I was inspired to join the event because aside from being totally free, for each kilometer run by each participant adidas and Parley will clean up an equivalent weight of 10 plastic bottles from the oceans, up to 500,000 pounds.  While it wasn’t mentioned how much 10 plastic bottles weigh in pounds, with over 56 million kilometers logged by more than 5 million participants globally, I’m certain that we reached the target.

As per adidas Running app, 242 countries participated with participants from Germany, France, and Italy contributing the top three cumulative distances.  In Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Singapore ranked the highest, ranking in at 25th, 28th, and 29th, respectively.  The Philippines ranked sixth in the region, 45th overall.  The top individual contributors though came from Colombia, Spain, and Malaysia, respectively.  The app was only able to account over 20 of the 56 million kilometers logged so the overall picture from other trackers may be totally different.

On a personal note, I took this event as an “excuse” to finally visit the bay area on foot.  I have not seen the sunset on Manila Bay since the pandemic started and my plans of visiting always got cancelled because of the varying lockdowns imposed over Metro Manila.  And as the restrictions were eased when the event happened, I decided to pursue it.  I decided to run late in the afternoon to avoid the tropical summer heat and to arrive at the bayfront around sunset.

I arrived at a very windy bay just missing the sunset by a few minutes. Slowpoke.

You can just imagine how difficult it was to run with a face mask on and a face shield, not to mention how hot it gets.  Add to that the months that passed that I absolutely never ran and I got anything but a pleasant experience.  But the drive to do what I said I would do was enough to keep me going, and the thought of a beautiful sunset waiting for me at my “finish line.”

I still got some spectacular sights that afternoon.

And as the event doesn’t require a minimum distance or maximum number of runs, I had to split my runs in two days with two session each.  It was actually more like a long walk with some running as I really found it difficult to breathe with masks on.  Even my heart rate monitor attested that I wasn’t just imagining it—my heart rate actually was much higher than when I was doing a much faster pace pre-pandemic!  Could be signs of aging, lack of mileage, the heat, the mask, or all of the above!  Nonetheless, the effort was worth it as I was able to overcome my laziness and got to run again!

My running gear the second time around. This time, I was wearing a cloth mask instead of a KN95 mask on my first run.
At the end of the event, I’m glad to have contributed towards something good.

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