Let’s Get Physical! (Goal-Setting)

We’re now entering the second half of 2021 and if you’re like me whose fitness plans were put on hold by lockdowns, now is a good time to restart.  For those who want to but don’t know where to begin, I’ll start sharing my tips in future posts, but for now let’s start with goal setting.

It is better to start your fitness journey with a goal, and it should be SMART:

  • Specific – which specific areas do you want to target?
  • Measurable – how much change do you want?
  • Attainable – is it possible?
  • Relevant – is it important to you?
  • Time-bound – how long do you have to work on it?

Putting your SMART goals gives you an idea how much effort you might exert and if you can provide the commitment needed to accomplish those goals.  To give you an example: “I would like to lose 5kgs of weight in one month.”

This goal is SMART because it is specific (lose weight), measurable (5kgs), and time-bound (one month).  The attainable and relevant parts depend on the goal-setter on how much commitment they can provide (is it enough?) and how important it is for them to keep that commitment.  Some goals may need a professional opinion on the attainability, but some may only require common sense or asking around qualified sources.  If it’s that relevant for you, you will find a way to fulfill your commitment!

Also, do not be intimidated to take selfies of your current state. They will serve as your “before” photo for future assessment.
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