The Ghosts of Halloweens Past

The season of trick or treats is here, and it’s one of those times that I really miss Halloween fun runs.  Those were the few times runners gather pretty much to socialize and forget about setting new personal bests.  Here are some my most memorable Halloweens as a runner.

My first Halloween fun run was way back in 2010.  I admit I was a little bit of a kill joy and just wore the event singlet as I didn’t know how many people were really into wearing costumes.  Turns out that there’s quite a lot, and I almost instantly regretted that I didn’t wear a costume.  Nonetheless, I had quite a lot of fun as the event was very festive and I learned my lesson.

Lesson learned: have a costume ready when attending a Halloween event!

And so the following year, I did just that—it may not be as flamboyant as others, but I utilized what I had and avoided buying anything I won’t be using afterwards.  For that event, I decided to get a pair of wings and be an “angel.”  I was originally thinking of doing “cupid” but I wasn’t that brave enough back then to show that much skin to wear just a diaper.  I didn’t have any white shorts though, so I had to run in white denim pants!

What made the event more fun was having your friends at the same event wearing their costumes as well.
One of the highlights of that night was being on stage with other costumed participants.

The following year subtly indicated the loss of interest of the then unofficial Halloween run organizer in conducting these events as they held their Halloween run way too early for everyone to be in the mood.  And so during the event, most participants didn’t bother to wear a costume, including myself.  It was a sad turn of events.

Fortunately, someone else stepped up to be the unofficial Halloween fun run the year after, and I was able to put on a costume, again!  As always, I was quite practical in using the things that I already have and was able to pull off a cowboy-inspired costume.

My cowboy-inspired costume from the things that I already own.

I admit that I wasn’t that creative when it comes to costumes as I wanted to be comfortable running in them and never did aspire to get the best in costume award.  I also didn’t want to buy anything that may never be used again so I do my best with what I already have.  For me, just being in that event and putting in effort to have a costume was already a good experience.  Having many people do the same makes the event even better!  I guess in some ways, these Halloween fun runs prepared me mentally to be more comfortable with my body and be bolder in future themed events like the underpants run.

While those in costumes are a minority, some of those that did really went all out!

As they say, all good things eventually end.  That was the last Halloween fun run I’ve had, and had to celebrate Halloween some other way as a runner henceforth.  Among the most memorable ones after the fun runs was going to Disneyland California.

It was also coincidentally the 60th year of Disneyland.

Hopefully, things get much better next year so we can hope for the return of Halloween fun runs.  For now, I’ll just have my fix by strolling down the memory lane.  Stay safe everyone!

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