In Pictures: Weekend Adventure in Maragondon

Changing pace… finding ourselves an adventure!  It involved…

A group photo
An old church
Hanging bridge
Rice fields
River crossings
Bamboo paths
More hanging bridges
Unique views
Andres Bonifacio Shrine
Spectacular sunset
Involving an interesting river

It was a unique weekend for us, we did something we don’t usually do, and learned a lot from each other.  It was another one of those “team-building” moments that I always look forward to.  Hope you guys had an interesting weekend as well!

* * *


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  1. timmy says:

    i must agree, runningpinoy, that this adventure race was indeed an adventure we wouldn’t forget (or should i say, memorable). a lot of us had their first times in this adventure race, and it was one helluva an adventure.

    til the next?

    see ya!

    time to get myself a decent pair of trail shoes 🙂 hahaha


  2. jazzrunner says:

    Nice pics, Dennis. Is this the orienteering race?


    1. dhenztm says:

      Yes Sir it was


  3. carmen says:

    I agree Dhenz! It had that teambuilding feel to it… and it feels really nice! Haha! Great bonding, great adventure! I hope there’s a next time soon!


  4. Bryan says:

    nice post! 🙂 magkakaroon na ba nga 😛 hehe


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