PRs at Timex Run

Timex Run, the most expensive sub-marathon road race in the Philippines thus far not only set the race registration fee higher, but also introduced a lot of new PRs.

PR = Piolo + Rio

One of the possible reasons that the race became a huge success despite the steep price was due to the celebrity factor—Piolo Pascual.  He is undoubtedly one of the most popular television and movie actor in the country and apparently tapping on his huge fan base was a great idea.  Of course we can’t say that the Rio dela Cruz factor didn’t have an added effect on the race’s success, I mean who can’t resist the charm of an afro?  Who knows better how to organize a running event but a runner himself?  (Peace Coach Rio!  I really admire your hair).

PR = Posh Race

Timex Run is definitely at a different caliber as it’s one of the few races in the Philippines that utilize timing chips.  It also has one of the better race singlets with Timex Ironman mark at the back which I really love.  Celebrities also dot the course of various events making this a very star-studded race.

The grand start gate of Timex Run

PR = Pretty Route

Timex Run’s main event, 21K, went to places no other races went before, literally, making this a discovery race for many who haven’t been to the unpopular running areas of Bonifacio Global City.  Even familiar routes were given an interesting twist keeping the event fresh to seasoned BGC runners.  But more than a pretty route, the distance was almost GPS-exact 21K so taking into consideration the topography of the route it’s more than valid for those distance-conscious runners.  Even the distance markers were freakishly accurate by Garmin standards for most of the time.

Sunrise at Rizal Drive

PR = Pace Required

For the nth time I was again a pacer, an optional one.  It was a pretty loose pace—just aiming to finish in a decent time so it was for the most part an easy duty.  Because of the relaxed attitude I was able to take some pictures in-race making this also a “picture race.”

Along 5th Avenue
The 21K leader
Entering Heritage Park

PR = Postmortem Report

Timex Run was easily one of the best races for 2009, period.  Despite the higher registration fee the cost was pretty much worth it because of a very good quality event, a lot of giveaways, excellent activity area, a finisher’s shirt and medal, all while still able to generate funds for charity.  Indeed Timex had proven that with the right pizzazz cost may not be a barrier to having a well attended event.  It was also another proof that celebrities really make good endorsers, especially here in the Philippines.  I just hope this isn’t the start of more expensive races, but instead the start of quality races.  Congratulations Runrio for consistently delivering excellent and successful events!

The nice but generic finisher’s medal

PR = (Personal Record)

I’ve seen a lot of PRs with this race and as for my Personal Record (PR) I also set a new one, a negative one as I set the longest 21K race so far surpassing the two hour 20 minute mark, but it was worth it as I bore witness to another 21K dream turn into reality.  Congratulations Carol!

PR = Pros + Rejects


  • Good quality race singlet
  • Timing chips
  • Punctual start
  • Excellent route
  • The longest water station yet seen in local races (that never ran out of water and even supplied 100 Plus)
  • Practical placement of timing chip sensors
  • Excellent finisher’s shirt
  • Huge and heavy (although generic) finisher’s medal
  • Finisher’s certificate
  • Free breakfast
  • Excellent goodie bag with products from sponsors
  • Lots of portable toilets for everyone
  • Lively activity area
  • Same day accurate race result (unseen for quite a while) with fancy presentation
  • Race photos courtesy of PhotoVendo
  • Part of the proceeds went to charity
  • Very Good race (4/5)


  • High registration fee
  • Lack of cones at some areas
  • Lack of marshals after 8:30AM (three hours and 15 minutes 21K gun start)
  • Medals could’ve been more customized to reflect which event it was given
Timex Run 21K Route

PR = Pacquiao Reloaded

As a bonus perk to everyone Timex was kind enough to provide everyone free viewing of Manny Pacquiao’s match versus Miguel Cotto live via satellite from Las Vegas, USA.  We were so lucky to have witnessed history being made by now seven-time world champion, Manny Pacquiao.  Thank you Timex and congratulations Manny!  He’s definitely the best boxer our generation has ever seen.

I would like to thank Doc Art who made it possible for me to join this race.  Thank you very much Doc and congratulations!

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  1. buddyray says:

    hi dhenz!

    like you, im recent marathon virgin myself, having just run
    subic and pasig. i think ive taken a liking to full marathons
    now, so condura 42k is next, how bout u?

    i read ur posts for ur intelligent approach to improving ur
    runs. ur posts let me compare the elevation profiles of the
    different race courses. ive seen the “garmin-connect”
    profiles of ur QCIM and SubicIM marathons, the ones in ur
    Fit & Right post and part2 of ur SubicIM post (the photo link
    to it).

    can u pls post ur pasig 42k garmin-connect profiles too? and
    while ure at it, how about the timex21k din? … thanks! 😀


    1. dhenztm says:

      Hi Ray! I purposely don’t share some race data especially elevation if I know there are some huge discrepancies. The area around Buendia have the one of the worst GPS signals so if you look at the route it “bounces” around. Elevation profiles are inaccurate near tall buildings so on highly urbanized areas it’s pretty much useless (running beside Pasig river yieds below sea level elevation which is impossible).


      1. buddyray says:

        i found another runner’s subic42k elevation profile, it
        was markedly different from urs. ganun pala yon??

        i had thought garmin GPS readings would be uniform
        more or less across runners, pero although the general
        shape of the elevation profiles were similar, there were
        big deviations in the detail. so much for GPS precision.
        in any case, ur route maps are cool. thanks dhenz!


        1. dhenztm says:

          Well, GPS is not designed for elevation in the first place, it was designed for geo-location. If you’re between two tall structures GPS won’t be able to tell. There are promising upcoming technologies but until all these satellite constellations are in place we have to depend on this aging technology.


  2. Margalicious says:

    I love your PR (Perfect Rundown) of events, best dressed running man!


  3. Eric says:

    Hi Denz,

    Nice post! Great finish for the Pacer Runner!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you Eric! 🙂


  4. thomas says:

    Congrats on your running. I feel that the generic medal you got is a self-indulgent part of run rio.


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