The Bests of 2010

Drumrolls please… and the award goes to…

Welcome to my list of the year’s bests!  This year I’ve these categories picked:

  • Best Road Race
  • Best Trail Run
  • Best Marathon
  • Best Road Ultramarathon
  • Best Trail Ultramarathon
  • Best Marathon Route
  • Best Marathon Finisher’s Medal

Best Road Race: adobo Run

I’ve only had a few sub-marathon races this year, but among my handful selection this one stood out mainly because it was a night run, at the same time a costume fun run!  And to my surprise there’s even a finisher’s medal for the 10K!

Best Trail Run: TNF Thrill of the Trail Bohol

Not many may have had the chance to join this event but this was easily one of the most challenging, yet fun, trail runs for the year.  Imagine running beside the famous Chocolate Hills and having numerous river crossings all while being faced by a tough, mostly uphill climb to the finish.  It was a once in a lifetime race, but in case history repeat itself don’t miss the chance to run in Bohol.

Best Marathon: CamSur Marathon

IAAF-certified course for all events, practically all-flat route, at least 1.5K hydration station intervals, gels, bananas, lots of spectators, and more!  I can’t really ask for more from this year’s race, except probably for rains during the race and a finisher’s medal fitting for its international status.  This race proves that a local marathon can be world-class without needing the word “international” in its name.  if you’re aiming for a new Personal Record, this is the place to be—just make sure to do your heat trainings!  I’ll be back next year for sure!

Best Road Ultramarathon: Bataan Death March Ultramarathon (102K)

A challenging and historic route—BDM Ultramarathon 102K is one tough race to follow.  This I could say is a race of a lifetime that I encourage everyone who are willing and able to do at least once in their lives.  It’s not one for the faint of heart and shallow pockets so make sure to save up and prepare for this as the experience is just incredible.

Finishing BDM102 (courtesy Brando Losaria)

Best Trail Ultramarathon: The North Face 100 Baguio

The North Face never stops to deliver quality races, and for this year’s TNF100 in Baguio, it’s not just an ultramarathon, it’s an epic trail adventure!  I’ve yet received official confirmation if the TNF100 series would ensue next year, but in case it does, TNF100 is the race to be!

Best Marathon Route: CamSur Marathon

IAAF certifies it, and I love it!  It has the perfect combination of accurate distance, relaxed terrain, and challenging weather making it perfect for speedsters and easy runners alike.

CamSur Marathon 2010 route

Best Marathon Finisher’s Medal: The Bull Runner Dream Marathon

This is the only event on this list that I wasn’t able to participate in, but I don’t think anyone can dispute how enviable this event’s finisher’s medal is—I know because I remember how I felt when I saw it and knew that I can’t have one… maybe Ms. Jaymie “The Bull Runner” Pizarro could hire us “old-timers” as pacers so we can get in the race and have one of our own!  (Err… pacer’s medal?)  🙂

TBR Dream Marathon Medal
TBR Dream Marathon Finisher’s Medal (courtesy The Bull Runner)

* * * * *

To all the race organizers, volunteers, and everyone involved in organizing races, thank you for continuously improving and innovating local races!  Congratulations to those mentioned here for organizing races that I consider were among the best of the year!

I’m looking forward to another great year of running in 2011, and I hope the rising costs of races translate to better value and greater experience for everyone.  Have a great, blessed, safe, and happy New Year ahead! 😀

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  1. jetpaiso says:

    great recap bro! wishing you all the best for 2011! cheers!


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thanks Jet! Have a great 2011 as well!


  2. kingofpots says:

    thanks, dhenz for mentioning BDM 102 in your list of bests in running. looking forward for a better 2011. see you!


    1. dhenztm says:

      You’re welcome Sir Jovie!


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