Scenes from the Nike We Run Manila Race Pack Collection

Today is the first day of claiming Nike We Run Manila race kits, and I’d say I’m impressed that the runners didn’t wait for the last day before claiming their kits as attested by the big turnout even before the collection opened.  Here are some scenes from the first day:

Collection site in front of Nike BHS, around 10AM

There was hardly anyone in the area when I got to BHS around 10AM, but lo and behold!  Even before 12PM the queue was already starting to lengthen.  Fortunately though, claiming was smooth because of the numerous counters, and they even have two dedicated lanes for customer service—those with “special cases.”

The hardworking RunRio crew (I salute you guys for doing a very good job!)
11 counters at your service with an additional two for customer service and another one for VIPs
Even Coach Rio was hard at work (can you spot him? :D)
I really, really love this shirt!
Nike We Run Manila bags: new fashion statement? Apparently, one is not enough. I’ve even heard of one claiming 20 kits!
In the bag: your race tee (don’t swap with anyone as it has your race number), a Nike bottle (love it!), D-Tag for timing, and an event program/schedule of activities. The first 100 claimants also got something extra 😉

The Nike We Run Manila race pack collection is only until Thursday, October 13, 2011, from 12PM to 9PM.  Please, please don’t forget to bring your valid ID and confirmation slip to collect your race pack.  If you’re claiming for someone else, don’t forget their letter of authorization along with their valid ID.  I’m pretty sure the queues will get terribly long on the last day (there’s reportedly 8,000 registered runners!) so to avoid the hassle, claim your kits as soon as possible.  See you on race day! 😀

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