Next Stop: Macau

Time to escape the tropics for a while and experience some mild weather without going so far and so over budget—those were some of my considerations when I accepted my friends’ invites to join them to run in Macau.  Heat had always been my kryptonite when running and the opportunity to run with mild weather was too hard to resist!  As expected, I agreed without hesitation, without really knowing the territory I’m going to!

Macau would be the first stop of my lone international trip for the year, and the Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon would be the raison d’être.  At that time, Macau was practically unknown to me, and not until I saw the previous route of the Macau Marathon did I realize that it would be the smallest territory I had ever visited (at only 29.5 square kilometers, it is slightly larger than Makati City).  But there should be so much more about it than its size to be colonized by Portugal.

Coincidentally, Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) with the help of RunRio set up an intimate night with bloggers and friends to promote Macau and one of its biggest events of the year, the Galaxy Entertainment Maratona Internacional de Macau (the full name of the marathon in Portuguese).  Being already registered for the marathon with all the flights and accommodations booked, I was all ears as to what adventures we may partake in this interesting territory—and of course the food!

Well, for those who want to try running in a milder temperature, Macau is perfect because of its proximity with the Philippines, and for Philippine passport holders there’s no need to secure a visa for tourism purposes.  Macau Marathon is set on the first Sunday of December, falling on December 04 this year, which is the start of winter but fear not as it’s not cold (average temperature on race day is around 15c, roughly Tagaytay early morning), and registration is still open until the 23rd of this month!  You may register online at

There are a lot of activities and events in Macau the whole year round, aside from the popular casinos, and I can’t think of anyone better to tell you more about it than the Macau Government Tourist Office.  You may contact them at:

* All photos courtesy Macau Government Tourist Office

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