The Piaya Chronicles: Bacolod City Food Trip!

Bacolod City has some of the best places to eat condensed into a relatively small area.  There’s one perfect for every budget and oftentimes you need not wander far from the city center.  We’ve roamed around Bacolod City to come up with our recommendations:

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I don’t usually recommend fast food but if one survived World War II, it had got to be good!  According to their front signage, they’ve been in existence since 1938 and they serve “Original La Paz Batchoy,” so we gave it a try—and we were not disappointed!  Good food and very, very affordable.

Deco’s: since 1938
It doesn’t get any more original than Bacolod’s La Paz Batchoy (highly recommended, don’t forget to have it with egg). At the background are some tasty Manapla Puto, which I assume is from the town of the same name in Negros Occidental
Extra soup (free upon request) which is practically a dish in itself. Some pre-war Pandesal on the background, smaller in size but is really packed and a bit saltier than the usual.
Where to spot Deco’s


By the looks of things we could say that seafood is Imay’s specialty, but I really love their chicken inasal!  Their version matched with their “killer” vinegar concoction will give its Manila counterpart a run for their money.

The interior which gives you a hint on what they specialize 🙂
Kinilaw: raw seafood basking in vinegar. Imay’s version is highly recommended and their salted egg twist makes it very interesting.
Yeah, we’re not that thirsty
Main course: authentic Bacolod chicken Inasal (highly recommended) and mixed seafoods which had the meatiest crab I’ve ever had!

Bistro Negrense

Bistro Negrense looks more expensive than it actually is, and it serves good food with bigger than the usual servings.

Bistro Negrense
Very delicious Angus Beef Streak, their take is more similar to that of “Bistek” than the usual beef steak
I actually forgot what fish is used here (they used the local term), but likewise this dish is superb

Still have room for desserts?  Here we go:


We found two distinct branches of Bob’s in Bacolod City: the first one is in SM City Bacolod which serves dinner, and another one named Café Bob’s which serves coffee and gelato with frozen yogurt.  But regardless of the branch, Bob’s is popular for its desserts!  The first branch we tried was at SM City Bacolod where we finished off our cake slices faster than we call pull out our cameras (the first photo in this post), and the second time around at Café Bob’s was where I got a one-of-a-kind frappe.

Café Bob’s
Gelato gone fast 😀
Not for minors: Bailey’s Mocha Frappe 😛


Dessert paradise!  They offer a good selection of pastries and also coffee.  When in Bacolod better leave room for their highly recommended desserts.

Calea Pastries & Coffee
I just love that tall chair, so comfy 🙂
Choices, choices, choices 😛
One of their best sellers: Cheesecake
Their take on Brazo de Mercedes
One of their chocolate cakes
The awesome threesome that we had
They also serve good coffee to complement their sweets

There were still quite some restaurants our friends recommended but due to our limited time, we were unable to try them all.  Amongst those we tried, the ones on this list stood above the rest.  And it sure made me hungry just writing this post! 😀

* * *

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  1. rah says:

    super sarap yung calea, galing lang ako sa bacolod this week, sayang hindi ako naka kain.


  2. jm says:

    nice blog, we’re here in bacolod right now and wondering what would be our next stops, so lucky i run over this page,, hehe tnx, this gave me a lot and useful infos,, 😛


    1. dhenztm says:

      Thank you and have a nice trip!


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