Circuit Makati Quickie

Circuit Makati is probably the biggest development in the city of Makati and being pretty close to my office, I decided to drop by after work to see what’s in store.  Here’s my quick tour on foot.

Circuit Lane at the middle of Circuit Makati

Circuit Makati is located at the northern end of Makati right on the banks of the Pasig River.  It is also pretty close from the Financial District, just about a kilometer away from Makati Central Fire Station.  It used to be a race track but now it is being developed into something like a miniature version of Bonifacio Global City (BGC).  And as BGC has its Bonifacio High Street (BHS) running through the middle, Circuit Makati has Circuit Lane.

Doesn’t this look like somewhere in BGC?
The first opened building here is the mall
The Globe Circuit Event Grounds
The Pasig River at its northern end

Like how BHS runs through the middle of BGC, so does Circuit Lane but instead of open greens, Circuit Lane have water running through it.  It’s not running though like a river but more like a series of dams originating from the southern part of Circuit Lane eventually leading towards the river.  I suspect that it’s part of the development’s drainage strategy as the area has been known in the past to be prone to flooding.

I definitely have not seen a development like this in the Philippines
There are benches running along the waterfront
And there are lots of patches of greens
It’s like BHS with water in the middle
There are a handful of stores already opened
And this is where the water starts, cascading northwards towards the river

Construction is still ongoing all around Circuit Lane as of the moment but there are spaces all around for recreation.  They even have a very nice football field here (called Gatorade-Chelsea FC Blue Pitch).  Running and biking are two of the most popular activities I’ve seen here but there aren’t that many spaces to get around so you’d have to do loops if you want to have a long activity.  Be warned though that the bikers in this area are purely recreational ones so they may not be aware of road etiquettes.

Water cascades northwards and not free flowing
I guess it flows whenever there is a downpour
One of the bridges that go across the water (it’s much brighter in actuality)
View from the bridge
From the second floor
From another angle
The skyline of Makati from the outer area on the second floor

Overall, Circuit Makati looks like a promising development and a good addition to the city.  But as it is now, I can’t recommend running here due to dust from construction sites, very limited space, and mosquitoes.  On the other hand, if you hate shopping and dining in crowded malls, Circuit Lane should be great for you.

Looking back into Circuit Lane
A closer look at the lagoon
They are like tiny islands on the lagoon… hope they include real water plants in the future

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  1. ronald says:

    Hi! Thats a nice review! Beautiful pics never seen like that type of a mall yet. Looks like a park. But u mentioned about very limited space to joggers and mosquitoes. Is the space limited because of ongoing construction where streets or areas are blocked off or is it because the area itself is small? Mosquitoes are risky are there mosquitoes everywhere? Must be a health safety issue for public,ayala should take measures on how to control this, i believe mosquitoes live in stagnant water condition and this circuit lane has moving waters right?


    1. dhenztm says:

      The area itself is small and not all roads are opened yet; there are mosquitoes in certain places which could be from the plants surrounding the area, the construction sites, or the central lagoon which was stagnant when I visited. Better cover yourself if you plan to stroll.


      1. ron says:

        Ok. It says in the website the area is 21 hectares so joggers would have enough areas to jog lol. Used to be a horse race track so i dont know how big joggers need a space to run around.


        1. dhenztm says:

          Well, you don’t have to take my word for it. Go ahead and jog in the area and let us know what you think! 🙂


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