Food Trip: Canto (Baguio City)

Baguio City is known for great food joints and one of my favorite new discovery in the city is Canto located along C. Arellano Street.  Here are some of my reasons why:

This is at the C. Arellano Street branch.


Canto is located inside an American-era Baguio house with a lot of area for al fresco dining.  The indoor area is not that big and has a fireplace as a centerpiece while the al fresco area is surrounded by lush greens and flowers and a very cool weather as it is located on a much higher elevation than the city proper of Baguio City.  It was a cloudy, 18°C day so it was perfect for our al fresco lunch.

The centerpiece of the indoor areas in this fireplace
One of the several table configurations inside
There are also tables that overlooks the outside garden
The al fresco area
View of the restaurant from below
Would anyone know what this plant is called?

Enough with the sights, let’s get to the food!

Mashed Potatoes

For some reason, I really love their mashed potatoes.  It’s pretty straightforward—mashed potatoes with gravy in the middle but it’s a meal on its own!

As simple as it seems, you can actually eat it on its own!


It’s not surprising to find strawberries everywhere in Baguio and as well as in Canto’s salad.  But it’s not just the strawberries that make their salad good, everything in it combined to make one great tasting salad.  It has cheese in it though so you may have to ask them to be removed beforehand if you’re a vegan.

Of course the strawberries made it a little extra special 🙂


The best reason to visit Canto: ribs!  I can easily say that this is one of the best ribs I’ve tasted anywhere!  It is soft and has that barbecue taste and it’s served quite generously!  It also comes with salads on the side.

Just looking at this makes me hungry


There’s more to Canto than ribs and salads and among those that landed on our table are the pizza, a dish that looked like pochero, and strawberry shake.  I haven’t had the chance to taste these, but they sure looked good!

Pizza anyone?
I don’t really know what this is called 😀

I definitely enjoyed everything about this place!  Hope to be back soon to try more of their specialties. 🙂

To get to Canto, head towards Wright Park, on the way to Mines View Park.  It is just across Crusaders Divine Church of Christ.  But before you do, make sure to secure your reservations.  Visit their Facebook page for their contact information.

Look for that building, Crusaders Divine Church of Christ just across Canto

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