Happy Run with My New GF

The Happy Run was my first regular race with my new GF—GF405 that is.

My new GF (405), see my review here.

The race turnouts for all categories were very good but since it was handled by Coach Rio everything was in order, another well organized race from Runrio.  The weather was quite cooperative too, it didn’t rain and it was cooler than the past few days.

Start Happy
Start Happy

The race formally started 5:45AM with the 15K runners.  What’s unique about this race, aside from not having a 10K race, was the McKinley Hill route, a first for me.  This area in Fort Bonifacio was infamous for its steep climbs but alternately it also boasts some of the nicest view.  Indeed this section of the Happy Run made some runners not so happy since it was a real drainer.  In fact I recorded my slowest pace of the race upon leaving McKinley Hill: an appalling 7:51/km!  This was due to a 20M rise in elevation in just about 370M (GF405 data).  After enduring that it’s just another 2K to the finish.

Happy Run Elevation (GF405)
Happy Run 15K Route Elevation (GF405)
The Happy Run 15K Gradient/Elevation
The Happy Run 15K Route Gradient/Elevation

I already did a 16K (10 miles) race before but never a 15K so I could consider this as my 15K debut.  Coming into the race I was constantly thinking if I could better my 16K PR (1:27:37) since my 16K race was held on a very flat course, Roxas Blvd., while this one which was 1K shorter would be on challenging terrains of Fort Bonifacio with McKinley Hill part of the equation.  Apparently my constant participation in the Nike Run Clinic with some speed training is starting to pay off: my 15K time: 1:18:06 (GF405, unofficial).  That’s a new PR for me, an average of 5:14/km, and considering the distance and terrain I’m quite happy with it.  And not only did I manage to set a new 15K PR I was also able to break my previous 10K PR: it now stands at 51:14, about 2 minutes off the old PR (it was set on the uphill leaving Heritage Park so it was quite an effort).  With some more practice I may be able to break the 50 minute barrier for a 10K soon (one of the goals I’ve set for the year).

Happy Run route, courtesy Google
The Happy Run 15K route, courtesy Google Maps ©2009 Google – Imagery ©2009 DigitalGlobe, GeoEye

This race was also unique because now I’m running with a lot of my new friends from the running community which I oftentimes see along the race.  I used to join races knowing only my officemates but now I’m having trouble which group to mingle with (that’s how fast the running fever spreads).  Truly this Happy Run made me happy in a lot of ways!

With some happy runners
Together with some happy runners Patrick (left) and JanMike (FlatFoot Runner, right)

As for the “true” cause of the event, according to Drew Arellano the event generated P400,000.00 all of which goes to Bianca Gonzalez’s Help The Kids Learn Project benefitting the kids of Bagong Tanyag Elementary School Annex in Taguig.  And that was really a happy accomplishment to be proud of.

As for the race result it was happily fast, so fast that the official results list was out even before the day ended.  I’m so happy I picked this race!  Here are the official results (revised: January 29, 2009) courtesy of runrio.com:

9 Comments Add yours

  1. jinoe says:

    Uy may GF na rin siya. Great toy isnt it? 😀

    > Yup, one of those toys for the big boys, masarap isama sa mga runs hehe 🙂


  2. i2runner says:

    Hi Dennis, Congrats sa bago mong GF!

    Ok lang may GF, wag lang BF… hahaha!

    Please also post your actual connect.garmin.com data so we could view your whole race. By the way, you can also view the Grade when running uphill. It would show the % of the slope of the hill. This is a better indicator of how steep a hill is. My GF showed 19% grade for the McKinley hill. Steepest hill I’ve run so far….


  3. i2runner says:

    By the way, good luck on your sub50min PR this year! I believe you can do it already. I predict you’ll run 45-48mins… Sana ako rin 🙂


  4. The more you post the Garmin data, the more I am tempted to get one.

    I’m sure you’ll break that sub-50 for the 10K. You ran a fast 15K and that sets a very good precedent for your PR for a 10K. Cheers and Happy Running!


  5. dhenztm says:

    Thanks! Nainggit ako sa GF (405) mo eh kaya humanap na rin ako hehe.

    I didn’t made public my Garmit Connect data because I had some technical problems (aka clumsiness) while using it resulting in some inaccuracy. I agree that Grade is better in analyzing your climbs but some people may not understand it, nonetheless I’ll add it as well.

    Sana nga ma-break natin yang 50-minute barrier na yan, alam ko Nats mani (nuts?) lang yan sa yo hehe

    It was because of Nats’s GF (405) data that tempted me to get my own GF and obviously I gave in. Just be careful though I’ve heard those guys that had these GF became monsters of running (I’m pertaining to you Nats hehe).

    Thanks and congrats too on a very good 15K run (was it a PR?)


  6. i2runner says:


    Nope, di rin biro yung 50min na 10K, 47mins lang best time ko matagal na yun sa Bacolod, flat course, hirap na ko dun… Sana maulit muli…

    Basing pala sa 15K run mo, I used Jack Daniels’ prediction time table. Magiging 50:49 yung 10K mo assuming as hilly as this happy run. So if you want to break the 50minute barrier, you should run it in a flatter course like MOA. Basing naman sa Nike intervals mo, baka ma-break mo pa yung 47minutes ko! Di ko kaya interval times mo, pamatay na yun e. hehehe… Basta use your GF405 wisely, buti nga meron syang pace e. hehehe.

    Oo nga, naging slave na ko ng running since buying the darn ‘405. Kahit injured, tumatakbo pa rin 😦

    > Naks may prediction time table pa ah hehe (my current 10K PR stands at 51:11, just a few seconds off the predicted time, uphill). Hopefully we all break our PRs soon, GF405s pace was a great help and of course intervals with running addicts. I also used the Virtual Partner but it wasn’t as helpful as the pace.

    Mukhang totoo nga ang effect ng GF405 sa runners, parang steroids hehe. 🙂


  7. Wayne says:

    Dennis, congratulations on the PRs. The Garmin 405…..great watch! When my 205 dies, the 405 will be next. Please take care.

    > Thank you Wayne! It’s a really fun watch to have and really keeps you motivated to run. I’m also an avid fan of GF205, if I can I’d get one as an alternate. Maybe you should get a 405 as well and sell me your 205! Have a nice day and run safe! 🙂


  8. runningshield says:

    Hey Dennis, Congratulations great run. and i love your GF-405. see you soon.
    p.s. can i grab a picture of the 15k map in your blog pls? thanks again

    Raul Patrick Concepcion

    > Hello Sir Patrick! Thank you for visiting my humble blog. Thank you Sir, too bad I didn’t meet you personally at the race. Garmins are really great aide to runners. By all means feel free to grab the map. 🙂


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