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The love for travel must be in my blood as I suddenly realized, without much effort, that I had scheduled a travel practically every month for the second half of the year, both local and international!  And of course most of these revolve around the sport I love, running.

But where to?

It had been a very dull first half for me after Cebu Marathon way back in January.  I suddenly found myself uninspired to join races and missing a lot of adventures along the way.  It was only with Valley Trail Challenge last June when I finally got some dose of adventure.  And perhaps because of this craving for more that I just say “yes” to just about every “affordable” excuse travel adventure that come my way.  As of July 01, 2011, here are my scheduled travels:

Boracay (July-August)

I so miss this island, my favorite spot to run bare—barefoot that is!  Nothing can compare to its powdery white sand and wide beaches during low tides.  That’s not to mention the great food and nightlife!  This time around though, I’d make sure to complete the entire white beach—if weather would permit.  See you real soon Boracay!

Reef walking
Barefoot running

Here’s  a link to my 2010 Boracay adventures: [ Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 ]

Camarines Sur (September)

My first running-motivated travel for the second half of the year for the IAMS-certified CamSur Marathon.  I had a blast last year when I staged my first all-run (practically no walks) marathon here which lead to mere minutes off my then personal best without much effort, and now am looking forward to experiencing that again!  And to make my travel more interesting, I plan to travel to Naga by train via the legendary Bicol Express which resumed regular operations last June 29, 2011.  I haven’t had a chance to catch some discounted airfares though so the manner of my return is yet determined.  See you soon CamSur and CWC!

Running CamSur Marathon 2010

Here’s  a link to my 2010 CamSur adventures: [ Part 1, Part 2 ]

Bacolod City (October)

Another running-motivated travel, this came unexpectedly and almost instantaneously!  It started with the launch of the Runrio Regional Series (the provincial leg of Unilab races) and one of the sites in this series is Bacolod City.  It would be my first time in Bacolod, and it would be my first half-marathon in the provinces.  Anyone care to tour us around after?

I wonder what adventures await us in Bacolod?

Macau-Hong Kong (December)

My lone international travel for the year.  It would be my first time in both these territories, and it is as expected, running-motivated.  Together with friends we’d be joining the Macau Marathon, although I’ve yet decided if I should do the half or full because the full marathon distance is “merely” two loops of the half marathon (and I hate loops!).  And since we’re in the area might as well crossover to the neighboring territory, Hong Kong.

Macau Marathon, here we come!

* * * * *

Notice that my November calendar is empty?  November is my birth month, and sadly, I’ve no scheduled travel for the month.  Of course like the entries in this list, it’s not intended, but who knows, maybe a great event elsewhere is being cooked for the month—or maybe I should have my adventure around the proximity of the Metro.  Anyhow, with or without travel I’ll make it a point to make this month special—at least for me.

Travelling is one of my favorite things to do, and if you look back at my list, most of it is local.  I strongly believe that we should get to know our country more that others’ because we’re Filipinos.  We shouldn’t be ignorant of our country, and what better way to know our country and its people than to travel?  Tourists come from the world over and we Filipinos should see through our eyes what brought them to our shores.

The Philippines doesn’t always have to be all about the beaches (taken inside Hinagdanan Cave, Bohol)

When it comes to travel, I always look forward to making my own unique adventure.  I want to do things that’s “unconventional.”  How many people do you know who travel to places just to run?  Running is in fact one of the best ways to tour and get to know places, not to mention its people and culture.  I may have been to several places just once, but because I walked/ran in their streets, chances are I know more about these areas than most tourists do.

A different side of Baguio

Whenever you can, I do encourage people to travel as in our own little way we do help contribute to the local economy of the places that we visit.  The more of us do it, the better the chance that these places improve.  But let us remember though to travel responsibly—we should avoid activities that lead to exploitation of nature, wildlife, and people.

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  1. RunningAtom says:

    Isa ka palang mananakbong palaboy Dhenz, hehe! Travelling and Running are brothers-on-their-own, that’s the beauty of our Passion for this kind of sports. We both have the same birth month pala, baka pwede akong makisabit sa byahe mo sakaling magka-sched ka 😀


    1. dhenztm says:

      November ka pala? Sure kung magkaron 😀


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