Mythical Five: Five Years of Running

August 17, 2008—five years ago when yours truly got introduced to running, and the rest as they say, is history.  And instead of my usual nostalgic thoughts about that milestone, I thought of sharing some information that may be useful to other runners out there.  And because it’s my fifth running anniversary, I didn’t just thought of sharing a list of five items I liked—I’m sharing five lists of five items each!

Before we get all excited, I’m going to reveal the five list one at a time so as not to bore you with a lengthy post (Update: the list is now complete!  See the links below).  But in case you’re curious, here are my five special lists (in no particular order):

You might say the first list isn’t new—yes it isn’t but personally, this old list remains accurate.  Their ranks for me may not have changed, but a quick visit to all these places would show a lot had changed.

Do the rest of the list sound interesting?  Which one should I post next? 😀

I would like to thank everyone who were instrumental to introducing me to running, helped me improved, and kept me at it—from my former colleagues, running buddies, to all the coaches and the people behind all the memorable running events of the past five years!  I’m looking forward to running with those familiar faces once again!

* * *

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