Top Five Most Interesting Races in Metro Manila

Races come and go and with the number of races happening in Metro Manila it’s quite difficult for one to stand out.  But every once in a while there are those that goes beyond the norm and gives us that extra mile sort of speak.  Here are my top five picks of the most interesting races in Metro Manila.

#5: Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run

This is one unique event that turns the normally solitary sport of running into a group event by having participants run with a buddy, together.  This is perfect for those just looking for some fun in their run and introducing more people to the sport.  And since the race owner is a major supermarket, its finisher’s goodie bag had become quite popular.  I never had the chance to join this race, but I’ve always heard good feedback from everyone I knew who joined.

#4: Energizer Night Race

Most races are held on a Sunday morning, but this race is unique as it’s held on a Saturday night.  It stands out among a handful of similar night races in the Metro by having participants wear a headlamp (included with the registration kit), thus making the race look like a parade of fireflies in the dark.

Like a sea of fireflies

The starting line

During the race

#3: Men’s Health Urbanathlon

The first race that I ever joined that included obstacles, it continues to this day constantly levelling up by adding longer distances and incorporating new obstacles.  One obstacle that had so far “endured” though was that eight foot wall.

The hurdles in 2008

A queue at an obstacle in 2010

The wall in 2010

The wall in 2008

#2: adobo Run

This is another night race but what sets it apart is that it’s usually held as a Halloween run.  This is one fun race as you get to run with superheroes, monsters, and everything in between!  Just don’t forget to wear your costumes though to join in the fun!

Our costumes in 2011

Costumed runners in 2010

A fire dancer in 2012

#1: Condura SkyWay Marathon

This is probably the most “ordinary” race in this list, but what makes it interesting is its route—running on Metro Manila’s SkyWay!  The seemingly endless bridges that twists and sometimes go over and under each other may seem pretty, but it’s quite challenging as well.

Running the SkyWay in 2009

Condura Run on February 08, 2010 edition of
The Philippine Star

Condura SkyWay Marathon 42K Finisher’s Medal in 2011

There are of course many more races of interest in Metro Manila but these five stood out for me because, aside from reasons stated above, all of them have been around for a while and had become an annual event.  As races continue to battle for runners’ attention, I expect to see much more interesting and fun races not only in Metro Manila but also in other urban centers in the Philippines in the near future.

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