Strawberry Chronicles: Quick Bite at Beans Talk

Beans Talk is the resident bistro of City Center Hotel, but it offers much more than the hotel’s complimentary breakfast.  Here’s a quick bite at Beans Talk.

The interiors of Beans Talk

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Because of our three day stay at City Center Hotel we managed to taste four items from the breakfast menu of Beans Talk:

Tasty tocino and corned beef
Small in portions but big in taste
The not-so-lean longganisa: not for the faint of heart
The taste isn’t bad but it would’ve been better if it had less fat
The soft French toast
Some people may like their toasts crunchy, but I find their version quite tasty despite being anything but that

We also got a slice of their crepe cake which, as the name implies, is a cake made of crepe.  Unlike the usual serving of crepe though, the “fillings” are not on the inside, but instead on top of layers upon layers of crepe.

The crepe cake
Made with layers of crepes, this one is like a hard pancake!
It is not so sweet but I prefer softer desserts.

There are quite a number of interesting delicacies sold by Beans Talk, with some costing as little as ₱15!  It was just too bad my sweet tooth wasn’t craving much for sugar.

Cake Pops ₱15 each
Their different pies

I can’t say much about their cakes and sweets because I haven’t tried most of them, but their breakfast (served from 7AM to 10AM only) is quite good and starts at ₱120.

Inside Beans Talk, from another angle
View of Session Road from Beans Talk’s balcony

Beans Talk is open to the public and is not exclusive to City Center Hotel guests.  Free Wi-Fi is also available.

Located at the lobby of City Center Hotel

Beans Talk is located at the lobby of City Center Hotel, 45 Session Road corner Mabini St., Baguio City.  For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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