Strawberry Chronicles: Oh My Gulay

Oh My Gulay (OMG) is one of the notable vegetarian restaurants in Baguio City and I’m so glad we got to try it finally during our recent trip.  But there’s more to this restaurant than vegetables.

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As a first timer to OMG I didn’t know what to expect, but I kept getting rave reviews about their food.  The restaurant itself is on the fifth floor of a pretty much conventional building so I didn’t expect anything extraordinary.  That is until we actually arrived!

I didn’t expect a fifth floor to be so lush green!
There are a lot of interesting pieces in here…
…a lot of cozy wooden furniture…
…for small and big groups…

Lush greens were definitely unexpected at the fifth floor!  And mind you, these are real plants!  They also have a mini koi pond so the interior feels much like a roofed outdoor garden!  A lot of interesting items also dot OMG reflecting just how artistically-inclined the people of Baguio are.  You just wouldn’t know where to look as there are interesting pieces scattered just about everywhere!  You just have to see it to believe it, so I’m limiting my photos so as not to spoil it all.

Better see it for yourself! 😀

If the name doesn’t make it obvious, Oh My Gulay (Oh My Vegetable) is a vegetarian restaurant.  They serve appetizers, salads, sandwiches, pasta and noodles, meals, desserts, and hot and cold drinks.  Prices are very reasonable with appetizers at ₱70, drinks at ₱35 – ₱75, desserts at ₱90, and meals at ₱110 – ₱140.

Our lunch at OMG

For our lunch at OMG we decided to get the restaurant’s “signature” items: Bulaklak Tempura (₱70), OMG Salad (₱120), and Oh My Gulay Rice (₱140).

Bulaklak Tempura is made from flowers of calabasa (squash).  It was really delicious that any tempura lovers, vegetarian or not, is sure to enjoy it.  The sauce is excellent as well so I highly recommend this dish!

OMG Salad is the restaurant’s trademark salad containing assorted greens served with their blend of herb honey mustard dressing.  The serving size is huge and the taste is good as well although the honey mustard dressing they have tastes a bit different and is more on the fluid side.

Our main dish is the Oh My Gulay Rice and was instantly my favorite.  Serving size is actually quite decent, but it’s so good that you’d want it to be bigger!  It’s made of native brown rice with 10 vegetables in season mixed with their Mongolian sauce, topped with steamed tofu and omelet.  I seldom like brown rice but this one I love!  Highly recommended!

That’s a lot of stairs!

Great tasting, healthy food with very reasonable price, very interesting ambiance, and easy to find location—what’s not to love?!  Oh My Gulay may be a vegetarian restaurant, but even meat lovers may find their food enjoyable.  OMG is a great place to encourage people to eat vegetables, but it’s location on the fifth floor may prove a bit disparaging for those with some health issues (which should make them reconsider adopting a healthier lifestyle).  But nonetheless, I highly recommend it!  Note that a 10% service charge is imposed and only cash payments are accepted.

Oh My Gulay is located at the fifth floor of La Azotea Bldg. located right along Upper Session Road of Baguio City.

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