Strawberry Chronicles: Bliss Café

Bliss Café was the last vegetarian restaurant we visited during this trip but it was definitely not the least!  In fact, I consider one of their dishes one of the best I’ve ever tried!

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Despite being out of our way we just had to go to Bliss Café as I’ve read some good feedback about it online.  Baguio City is proving to be a vegetarian haven with the number of excellent restaurants serving great vegetarian dishes, and you can add Bliss Café to that list.

Ringing this bell (with the word “peace” written on it) is the way to call your server

We had just came from the nearby Wright Park and we thought of getting something new before we head back to the city proper when we came to Bliss Café.  We didn’t really have that much of an appetite when we visited so we were only able to try two of their dishes: their “no oink” sisig and a salad variety.  I also got their chocolate tablea.

One of the best sisig I have ever tasted!

Bliss Café’s salad may seem ordinary, but is actually very tasty.  It’s probably the dressing and the apples, but whatever it is, it’s definitely better than the usual.

Looks ordinary, but it’s not 🙂

The “no oink” sisig was just unbelievable!  It may have been made from vegetarian “meat” but it’s definitely one of the best sisig I’ve ever tasted!  I wasn’t that hungry but I absolutely had to take another cup of brown rice with it!

The ambiance of Bliss Café was pretty quaint and relaxing, like a spa, and since we were the only patrons at the time, we were very conscious of making noise.  It was one of those few times that we get to enjoy our food without being distracted by talking a lot.

A Buddha statue on our table.  There’s one in every table.
Interesting decors
Don’t forget to look up!

I don’t know about the rest of Bliss Café’s offerings, but even for just the sisig it’s worth the visit even if it’s out of your way!  Even meat lovers would love their sisig (just don’t tell them it’s vegetable)!  Their salad is also much better than the usual and the serving is pretty decent.  Prices though are a bit higher than the usual Baguio standard, but nonetheless still reasonable especially considering the taste.  What can I say, I just really love their sisig!  That’s enough reason for me to return. 😀

Interesting (and discreet) way of having your bill.
I’ll be back soon! 😀

Bliss Café is located at the lobby of Hotel Elizabeth, J. Felipe Street corner Gibraltar Street, Baguio City near Mines View Park and the Mansion.

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