West Coast Chronicles: Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles was my first destination upon arrival.  Right then and there, my tour had started.  Here’s my tour of Downtown LA in pictures.

The skyline of Downtown Los Angeles

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Following the local time zone is advised to avoid or help reduce jetlag.  As such, despite being in flight for almost an entire day and my body telling me it’s already late at night, I had to stay up and defer sleeping.  But there’s one thing you can’t defer—eating!  My first snack upon arrival wasn’t really interesting to talk about.  But the sights of Downtown LA is!

Los Angeles City Hall


Skyscrapers of Downtown
Another view of the skyline with a bird photobombing the shot 😀
Don’t you just love wide sidewalks?
Not all buildings are skyscrapers of course
Still roaming around…
Grand Central Market is one of the more interesting spots we visited…
…as I had here my first interesting meal of the day, a Falafel by Madcapra
…and found some really affordable but high quality grapes for just $1.00/lb
…there are also other affordable items around
The Grammy Museum with The Ritz-Carlton (made popular in the Philippines for the strangest of reasons)
Grammy Museum’s version of “Walk of Fame”
Microsoft Square
Staples Center at night
Meanwhile, our hotel also offered an interesting breakfast option: make your own waffle!
2015-09-06 18.37.10
And speaking of food, this is my first burger in LA, by The Melt in FIGat7th
And this is one of the best ones I’ve ever tried, by The Counter

Interestingly, the hottest temperature I’ve ever experienced occurred here in Downtown LA.  Temperature reached at least 100°F (37°C) when we were touring, but it’s much different compared to Metro Manila as humidity is much lower.  You hardly feel the heat if you’re under the shade and you also hardly sweat.  Under direct sunlight though, it’s pretty much like Metro Manila! 🙂

* * *

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